Cee’s B&W Photo Thingie

With all the posting I’m doing today, y’all aren’t gonna believe I’m sick… ^_^ but I am… Photoshop doesn’t take much brainpower, so it’s the perfect thing to do while I’m sitting here… breathing. :-/

Anyway, I was going through my screenshots and I came upon this picture:

snowy stairs original

Since this week’s theme is Steps: Indoors or Outdoors it seemed like a good shot for me to submit for this week’s challenge.  Those, dear reader, are part of the “7,000 steps” from Skyrim. One must walk up those steps to get to High Hrothgar to talk to the old guys up there and learn the Way of the Voice.  You don’t really… You just need to talk to them once — maybe twice.  I’ve played this game for thousands of hours, and I hardly speak to the Greybeards at all — that’s what the old guys are called — Greybeards. Anyway, there are only about 700 some odd steps and not 7,000, but who’s counting? Not me. That’s fersure. I left that to someone else. Either way, it’s pretty up there. But enough about Skyrim, here’s what I came up with for the picture:

snowy stairs

Since there wasn’t a whole lot of color in the picture to begin with, making it monochrome wasn’t a challenge. What was a challenge was the glaring white spot in the lower right hand corner of the original picture (not present in the B&W picture). It’s basically a bit of mountain that’s covered in snow, but it honestly looks like empty space. And once the picture was run through a black and white filter, it’s a big, huge, glaring white space… Way too distracting. I’m pretty awful so far at luminosity masks. So I just added stuff to that spot using the clone stamp tool in Photoshop until it wasn’t an ugly, empty space anymore. I think I blended it in enough so it looks natural. Though now that I look at it, perhaps more shadow… Oh well. Then I added a gradient layer behind the whole thing to make the mountains pop a little bit from behind the cloud cover, and gave it a very very light green tone. All in all, I’m happy with it.

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