Sharing my world 8/22/18


Name two books that have influenced you and share how.  There have been so many books, comic books, magazines, movies, TV shows, &c… that have influenced me, that I get them all mixed up. Every little bit of media I absorb I take a bit into my self, and it influences my thinking and feelings — positively or negatively.

Bambi_book_coverI wrote a while back how I read one of the early translations of  Bambi (the novel) at a very young age when it’s really not meant to be a children’s novel and that gave me a life-long… I wouldn’t say hatred but maybe impatience with people like PETA or vegetarians who “preach the word.”  Now I have nothing against people who don’t eat meat. Anyone can eat or not eat whatever they want.  I do, however have a problem with anyone, no matter what they eat or don’t eat, wear or don’t wear, believe or don’t believe, who gets into my face and tells me what a horrible person I am for my life choices. Especially if my life choices have nothing to do with that person at all. So yeah. Bambi (the novel) really made me dislike activists from a very young age.  Because screw that noise.

Another book that influenced me at a pretty young age was The Secret Garden because the kids in that book overcame a lot and they really wanted to believe that magic was real, and that if they just believed… The Secret Garden, I think is where I came up with my own world view that magic is possible, even if we don’t see it. That anything is possible, even if it’s not probable. Do we sometimes make our own magic? Yep, sure we do. That doesn’t make it any less wondrous. Just because babies are born every day doesn’t make the event anything less than spectacular and beautiful to the people experiencing that moment. Does magic exist? Why not? There are many things that cannot be explained by science alone.

In your opinion, where is the line between art and not art?  In my humble opinion, if someone makes something they think is art, then it is art. Is it good art? Well, that’s a matter of opinion and subjective to the person looking at the art.  I mean some people create beautiful things with yarn and a hook and they do it with ease… is it art? Some might think so.  If I tried to take brush to canvas, it would come out looking like something, but probably would be great. Am I an artist? Did I create art?  Yeah, I did, but not very good art.

Calvin and Hobbes

When I used to write, I called myself an writer. I thought I wrote pretty well. 90% of the people who read my stuff liked it, and I was published in a few freebie mags and other such publications. I was by no means a published author because that takes >>shudder<< work. Like way too much of my time and effort for not enough pay off. And, I don’t have a strong enough skin to handle the rejection letters. Anyway, I called myself a writer, not an author because I think that distinction is clear.  But, was what I wrote art?  Is writing considered art? I think so. I used to say that because I cannot paint with color, I painted with words.

Calvin and Hobbes

I mean, there was a person who draws child like drawings in McDonald’s (or something) I saw his stuff on the Roadshow when I still watched TV.  Someone discovered him, held a show and his “art” sold for thousands.  I’m like, “What? I can draw better than that!” but he had a story and that’s what sold his “art”. Then again, there are many famous pieces of art that I think are pretty awful, but everyone else thinks are the bees knees. Don’t even get me started on the Literary Canon… So, yeah… If someone makes it, and someone likes it, then art it is.

161031-silly-string-backgroundTrivia for Halloween: What item is banned only during Halloween from 12am October 31st to 12pm November 1st in Hollywood California? I cheated and looked this up. It’s silly string.  Apparently, according to this article, people must use it a lot down there during Halloween because there are a good number of discarded cans which cause a hazard to mounted policemen and pedestrians. Not to mention the mess it makes from all of that silly string all over the place. So yeah… silly string is banned by (according to the sign) a $1,000 dollar fine. I mean, that’s some serious business down there. When they banned swearing in Virginia Beach (to make it more family friendly) it was only a $250 fine. If I remember correctly.

What is something that really annoys you but doesn’t bother most people? The ringing in my ears… ^_^  Though I’m sure that other people with tinnitus are annoyed by theirs, but mine doesn’t seem to bother anyone else.

Instead of our usual gratitude question, I’m posing this one for this week:

What or who in your life brings you the most joy?  My husband, Douglas. He is, hands down, the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I am so happy we have each other for our twilight years. Plus, he buys me things… like Diet Coke, and an Amulet of Mara. How can I not love him? Though he did confess to me recently that he’s never seen Mel Brook’s Robin Hood: Men in Tights… so things got a little shaky there for a moment. ^_^ But he has seen and enjoyed Blazing Saddles… so it all worked out. I’ll keep him around for a while longer. How else will I get Diet Coke? ^_^ I mean, it’s not like they have ’em in the store. 😛

doug and dino

From our honeymoon


5 thoughts on “Sharing my world 8/22/18

  1. Melanie B Cee

    I freely ‘borrowed’ all the art (aka cartoon strips) you so thoughtfully provided! Thank you for Sharing Your (very unique) World with us! And I agree, Doug might be someone worth keeping around…. just after Poptart and the gang…. 😉



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