Some good news?

This video via facebook,


and this one (via the link) by the same guy — Steven Pinker — imply that the facts and numbers show the world is improving in many ways.  He wrote a book about it.

Turn off the news, dear reader. Only assholes and heroes make the news. People who want their fifteen minutes of fame.  Inform yourself in other ways.  We’re not on a one way track to early extinction. I’ve been saying it all along. The world is filled with good people. I look around me and I see good people. They outnumber the bad people who fill the news by a great number.  It often surprises me how people can be so blinded by the headlines and the cacophony that is the news that they just don’t see how the friends and family that surround them are good people.  Seriously — most of the people in this world are mundane.  They just want to live their lives in peace. That’s all I want out of life… to live it quietly until I’m old and grey, then die in my sleep.

2 thoughts on “Some good news?

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Thanks for sharing a bit of good news. I need to put these away and take them out when the world is depressing me with all the nasty crap being spewed about. I find it refreshing that you can see good in folks, I need to practice doing that myself! Thanks Willow! ❤



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