A few Questions…

These questions come from Barbara at teleportingweena. You can find them and read her answers there. I read them first at Melanie’s blog Sparks from a combustible mind. You can read her answers there.  I’m in a question answering mood tonight… so why not?

1. Dogs/cats/both/other? I like both dogs and cats, and birds… and rabbits… and…


I’m not turning into this…

2. Favorite holiday? Why? I don’t really have a favorite. I mean, I used to love all of them, and I would celebrate them as they came and went — the Christian ones when I was Xtian,  the Pagan holidays when I was Pagan, and the secular ones just because… I mean I used to go up to my co-workers (when I worked and say, “Hey, today’s [insert date here], we should celebrate. You know why?” To which they’d reply, “No, why?”  And the answer would always be, “Because it only comes around once a year.”  But the older I get, the less I celebrate much of anything, so, yeah… Maybe… just maybe, I’m in a funk because we’re so far away from any neighbors, and I’ll get my celebrating ways back if we move to a more populated area. But who knows? Time will tell.

3. A fun or funny word you like to use.  Honestly? My mind is blank. Maybe long time readers of this blog will point out any words I use that are fun or funny. 🙂

4. Writing in pen or pencil, or would you rather type?  If I’m writing a note, I prefer pencil. If I’m writing calligraphy, I prefer a pen. If I’m writing a blog, I prefer to type on my computer because if I use pencil an/or ink and hold it up the the screen, no one will see it.

During-the-day-I-dont5. Tell about a strange/weird experience you’ve had. Way too many to name.  On my old blog, I had a title I used a lot called “Weird things that happen to me.”  Since I don’t go outside so much nowadays, I don’t have as many weird things happening to me, but I suppose they still do. Here’s one the popped in mind. It happened many moons ago, back when I lived in Mississippi.  I was alone in my room and cleaning out my space and decided to take a break. This room was strange from the beginning because no matter how I set my clocks (I had three of them) they would always show different times, and not one of them would be in sync with the town clock across the street. But that’s not part of the story. Anyway, I was just finishing up the part of the room I’d been cleaning and I stood up and said out loud, “I guess I’ll watch a movie.” and my DVD player popped open. Just like that.

I was nowhere near my DVD player, and I was alone in my room. There was no one else in the house, so they couldn’t have opened it with a remote. I stared at the DVD player for a moment, then said, “Thank You!” to who/whatever opened it and went about my day.  Nothing big, but one more (little) thing that happened while living there.

6. Do you do any crafts? Yes, I do a lot of crafts.  Right now, I’m knitting. I also crochet.  I can sew too if I follow a pattern… mostly. ^_^  I also mess around with Photoshop.  I can cook too. I used to be a pretty darned good cook.

life skill

Still like this picture.

One day, I’ll make a new picture for this, until then I’ll just keep reposting this one. ^_^

7. What tip would you give to new bloggers? Blog about the things you like, and the things you know… Also, research is your friend.

8. What special talent do you have?  I have a gift of accents. If I hear an accent for any length of time, I can imitate it.  I’ll lose it if I don’t hear it often, but give me about a half an hour with someone, and I can imitate their cadence (not their voice) pretty well.   I believe this ear for accents is why I can understand just about anyone who speaks English no matter how thick their accent. Strangely, I can’t tell where someone is from based on their accent — they all kind of blend together to me.

9. Fabric ribbons or plastic bows on gifts, which do you like better?  To tell you the truth… I’ve never given this much consideration. So, it doesn’t really matter to me.

math athiest10. Favorite school subject? Well, if it weren’t for my Dyscalculia, I would have loved any and all of the sciences. I really did enjoy doing experiments and learning about how the world worked. However, because any and all science is based on Math, there was always a point where it got frustrating to me. Always. Even the “soft” sciences like psychology and sociology have math involved — studies and statistics and so on.  People think I should have loved English because it was so easy for me. And I do love to study English, but not the way they taught in in school. School for me, dear reader, was pretty much an exercise in frustration.  When I went to college though, I enjoyed any class that had to do with language and linguistics. If they’d had those in the lower 12 grades, it would have been my “favorite” subject.

11. Just for fun question… Who ya gonna call? I don’t know! I’ve forgotten all of the numbers! >_<

7 thoughts on “A few Questions…

  1. Melanie B Cee

    BWAHAHAHHA!! You are so funny..even when you don’t intend it. I loved the memes too…I need to copy that first one and put it on my door for Halloween night. I’ll have the care and feeding of two chihuahuas that night, and ringing doorbells and a lot of people yelling don’t improve their dispositions. So we’re going to snuggle down in the den with the blinds firmly closed, the lights all off, and some silly mindless movie playing with the volume on “LOUD”. I hope that reassures them. I was toying with going to a dance tonight, but other considerations have made that plan moot. Eh. Thanksgiving will be here soon and that’s fine with me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Willow Post author

      We’ve lived here for many years and have had nary a trick or treater… we live too far from anywhere. I kinda miss having munchkins knocking at my door.


  2. ghostmmnc

    Thanks so much for playing long! Love your answers to the questions!
    That strange experience with the DVD player is so interesting. I love when things like that happen, and have no idea how it does things like that. Maybe because we’re open to, and notice when they do, that we’re more apt to receive these little anomalies.
    Very cool about the accents you’re able to pick up. 🙂



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