A misc. post

So, this morning, for the very first time in years and years, I ran errands. Like literally ran errands. I’m so proud of myself.  If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’m pretty much agoraphobic these days. Haven’t left the house, other than my weekly knitting club (and even that’s sporadic), in coming on three years.

But today — Today, dear reader, I did it! I ran errands! Yay! I had a doctor’s appointment, and I had some stuff I wanted to donate to the local food bank, which only takes donations on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and I needed to do something at the bank. I figured… I might as well do it all today instead of making Doug do it or putting it off longer. You know?

So I took the stuff to the food bank first, found out they didn’t take clothes (their website implied they did), so I ran over to the local senior center, which has a thrift store and was going to leave the sweaters there. But they only take donations when they’re open, which would have been after my doctor’s appointment, so I was heading back to my car when this lady offered to take the sweaters to a thrift store in a neighboring town since she was, “Going there anyway.” So I gave them to her and off she went.

I got to my doctor’s appointment way early, but since it was a lab appointment and they only needed to draw blood, I was in and out in no time. I then went to the bank, which I usually leave for Doug to do, and did what needed to be done there. I was back home by 10 AM (which, funnily enough was when I was supposed to be at the doctor’s office).

Y’all just don’t know… It’s been forever since I’ve run errands. I feel kind of accomplished. But a little worn out too. I don’t think I did too much, but I did more than I usually do. So yeah… I’m a bit tired. But… go me? ^_^

Also, I wanted to share this picture from one of my Skyrim games. The original was so dark you couldn’t see the character, but I brightened it up a bit and now it looks pretty good. All I could think when working on it was, Some people just want to see the world burn. But it’s more like, Inigo will walk through fire for you. Inigo is the character in the picture. He’s a follower that one can download into the game and he’s one of the best out there.

inigo fire walk

And now I’m really out of energy, plus my internet is acting up.  So, I’m gonna publish this and see if I can fix my internet.

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