Purging my stuff… continued

fridgecartoon2So I mentioned in passing that I went to the food bank and senior center to donate stuff when I ran errands yesterday, but that was part and parcel of my ongoing effort to purge the stuff from my home.  I had three tote bags of sweaters for the senior center — sweaters that I was going to harvest for yarn. But let’s face it, dear reader, they’ve been sitting in a plastic bin for ages now, I just don’t have the energy right now to take them apart. So, might as well donate them. And I purged my pantry (again) and had two tote bags of food to donate to the food bank. How did that even happen? I, like, cleaned out my pantry not even a year ago! >_< Okay, so it was a little over a year ago, but still, there shouldn’t have been that much superfluous food. I kinda sorta cleaned out the fridge, but I avoided the stuff on the door, because I just don’t have that kind of energy right now, dear reader. Maybe tomorrow. ^_^

These things, I love them.

Anyway, that means I’ve unloaded three tote bags of sweaters and two tote bags of food. I had to toss some food too because it had long since expired (rancid oil and such). I also had this plastic tote of felted sweaters that I was going to use to make something — I don’t even remember what… And since I couldn’t remember what exactly I was going to do with it, I also gave it away to a kindergarten teacher who said she could use the felt in her classroom. In addition to the felt, I gave her a box of my pencils. That would be a cigar box. You heard me an entire cigar box full of pencils. I have a… compulsion… to collect pencils. I like ’em. Composition books too.  I don’t know why, but I just like those comp books. And they used to be super cheap. They’re not so much anymore, but I still buy them when I see them. Pencils and  composition books don’t take up much space, but I don’t use them as much as I used to, so they’ve got to go.  Well, the ones I haven’t used. 🙂

So I’m slowly but surely moving stuff out of my house. Mister is mad because the tote with the felted sweaters used to sit under the window and he used to sit on top of it to stare out of the window whenever the door was closed. I took away his window seat. Poor thing. Now he has to share a seat with my Chihuahua, Poptart. hahahaha! They’ll both live.


7 thoughts on “Purging my stuff… continued

  1. purpleslob

    WTG, Willow!! So proud of you!! 3 bags of sweaters for the seniors, 1 for school, AND pencils!!
    You are blazing!! I compulsively buy school supplies too every fall, well, back to school season, which is now in mid-summer!! Keep it up, and soon both our houses will be all clutter free!



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