Playing in Photoshop

So this is the first time I’ve tried to put something from one photo into another (other than for my mod, but that’s different). I was going through my screenshots from my latest Skyrim playthrough and came across this photo which I thought would make an interesting picture. Maybe for a holiday card or something: 

original picture

But of course it could look better. As I’ve mentioned before, what looks great in 3D doesn’t always look good “flat”. So I messed around with it, and I thought, “This could use something in the sky.” and I took the moons from this shot: 

So I played with the moons, messed with the lighting… because adding moons will add lighting, you know? And I came up with this picture: 

What do y’all think? 

Also, I figured out where to change the color of the text.  but it seems you cannot do it to just one part of a sentence. Darn.

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