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I woke up exhausted this morning, but I told myself that I am determined to lose this weight, so I put the least impactful of the exercise DVDs I bought in the blu-ray player — wrestled with that for twenty minutes because the sound wasn’t working and finally got down to business. In case anyone is wondering, it was one of Leslie Sansone’s “Walk at home” videos. Because I really do like walking and if I can’t keep up with her, I can just walk to the music. Plus I can huff and puff in the privacy of my own home without worrying about falling down in a heap in the middle of the street — not a thing that’s ever happened, mind you, but one of my little quirky phobias that’s cropped up over the past few year once my heath started really failing. The whole exercise thing took fifteen minutes because I’m totally out of shape, so I just did the “one mile” walk without too many extra arm waving. ^_^ Richard Simmons (Sweatin’ to the Oldies) will have to wait a while. I just don’t think I have a half hour in me.

And now I’m feeling okay, but I’m wheezing like I haven’t in a while. My asthma medicine is sadly expired because I’ve been avoiding my triggers for years — exercise is totally a trigger, y’all.  >_< So I’ll need to see a doctor about that before I get too crazy about moving about. The wheezing isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely there. So I’m just gonna sit here and relax for a bit and recover. Then I might do the dishes or something. Maybe. 

Did I ever tell you, dear reader, that I get a rash whenever I overexert myself? Like if I walk too fast or do aerobics for the first time in years? Like an all over body rash? It’s similar to prickly heat, but not. It itches like crazy for hours after the bumps disappear.  It also used to happen whenever I went into the freezer in the store where I worked (to stock the refrigerator shelves — they don’t stock themselves, you know).  I’d come out covered in bumps and itch for hours afterwards.  It’s actually one of the reasons why I don’t overexert myself very often, because I hate the itching.  It’s flipping annoying.

Anyway, I’m glad I did the bare minimum — the one mile. It’s better than nuthin, and you’ve gotta start somewhere, and all that jazz. 🙂 Right?

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  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    My asthma’s out of control because I can’t afford any of the daily controllers. None of the medication programs cover them because what used to cost $76 now cost $500 – per month. And no way can I manage that. I try really hard not to trigger it because I have no way to protect myself from the wheezing.


    1. Willow Post author

      We had to pay out of pocket for Doug’s daily inhaler too when he was between jobs. Luckily, the insurance he has now will cover his daily inhaler. I don’t take a daily inhaler because none of them have worked for me. Which is why I tend to avoid my triggers.


  2. Melanie B Cee

    Good on the exercise, not good on that rash thing. Is it perhaps a symptom of anxiety? And does calamine (sp??) lotion help at all with the itching? That itchy skin garbage is annoying as hell. My sympathies! 😦

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    1. Willow Post author

      The rash is an all over body rash. I’m not putting lotion all over my body. ^_^ Besides, the bumps don’t last long, Whenever I cool down (or warm up, whichever the case may be) the bumps go away. One of the many doctors I’ve seen over the years thinks it’s a histamine thing, but none of them have been able to really explain it. >_<


      1. Melanie B Cee

        Aarrrrggghhhh on the ‘mystery’ illness symptoms. Do these doctors (I’m including mine) even study any more or is it all point and click?? 😛 I’ve actually had three ‘allergy’ events in my life…where I broke out, and my face and ears swelled up … looked like I’d been beaten up. ‘They’ finally decided it was a reaction to lawn fertilizer, because both times someone was having their lawn ‘done’ and the wind was blowing pretty briskly…


        1. Willow Post author

          That doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Is it a reaction to lawn fertilizer? But you’ve gotta understand that unless the doctor is there and sees you react to something, they don’t have a clue what your body is reacting to. They can only guess going by what you tell them.

          All I know is I over exert myself (or get overheated ore too cold) and I get a rash and it itches. Once I cool down (or warm up) the rash is gone but it still itches. Unless a doctor makes me get overheated or too cold and sees it happen, they can’t diagnose it. And even then, they probably won’t know why it’s happening only that it is happening. You know?

          Our bodies are still a mystery, even to the most highly trained doctor. Because everyone is different. I mean, not everyone gets a rash when they work out. Ha! That would be funny. ^_^


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