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Just to let y’all know I’m still here. There isn’t a lot going on right now. Doug and I have been lazy daisy these past couple of days. Just taking it easy.  I’ve been fussing with my Skyrim game and he’s been doing… whatever it is he’s doing over there. I don’t pry… much. We plan on going shopping today. We totally avoided the whole “Black Friday” thing because we just don’t do that kind of thing. 

I didn’t exercise yesterday, and I figure walking around the stores today will be enough exercise for today, but tomorrow I’ll hit the play button again. 

I’ve also been messing around in Photoshop a little (who’da thunk it?) I was going to submit these for Cee’s Black and White thingy this week, but they don’t quite fit the challenge, which was public transportation.  See, in Skyrim the public transportation is the carriage, but I don’t have any screenshots of the carriages because, why would I? ^_^  Otherwise, people in Tamriel (the Empire Skyrim is a part of) walk or ride horses, and horses would be “private” transportation, right? So the closest thing to public transportation is walking. I have a bunch of screenshots of people walking.  Here are two that I changed to monochrome: 

Original screenshot

I um… “fixed” the so called armor of Aurelia, who insists on showing her boob to the world: because why not I suppose. Well, I fixed it a little. At least her nipple isn’t showing anymore. That drove me crazy. Like, that’s supposed to be netting on that armor, and that would chaff. You know? And I took out the “Talk Aurelia” prompt — which was a pain, let me tell you that, dear reader.  Then I sharpened up the characters in the back so they wouldn’t fade away when I ran the picture through the monochrome filters. All in all, I think it came out pretty good.

Next screenshot: 

original screenshot

This is just a random merchant added by a mod that I’ve forgotten.  The main problem I had with this picture was the lady’s face is blurry, because she was in motion when I snapped the screenshot, and if I sharpened it up too much the rest of the picture would be too sharp. But I fussed with it a little, and I got it okay. I wish I could have gotten her clothes a little more defined, but in the end, I’m okay with the results.

Other than that, I haven’t been doing much.  This diet and exercise hasn’t given me any new energy to speak of, even if I am slowly losing weight — well at least I’m not gaining weight anymore.  ^_^ I’m still exhausted all of the time, but it’s early days yet. We’ll see.

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