Y’all might have noticed it’s been a little quiet on my blog the last couple of days.  One reason is because I’m still tired y’all. The other is because I’ve been distracted by a new, shiny toy and this has been happening: 

Obby showed me the Beetlejuice roller coaster.
The Devil’s Panties

Only it’s not Minecraft, but this game:  Parkitect which is like Roller Coaster Tycoon for anyone who has played that (I haven’t) but better — so I’ve heard.  This is the first kind of this type of game I’ve ever played, though I suppose you could say that House Flipper and Two Point Hospital were kind of like it, but I would disagree. House flipper, while fun, got extremely frustrating after awhile, and the developers were not listening to genuine complains from their base, instead they kept throwing “pretty” things (new paint colors and the like) at us and saying, “See? We’re improving the game!” instead of actually fixing the problems.  All the while, they were working on a paid DLC no one asked for and continually added bits into the game to accommodate said DLC that hampered the core game mechanics.  I rage quit a while ago, deleted it from my computer and won’t go back unless they actually fix the game. Like, they’ll totally miss me. Ha! Whatever. ^_^ Also, there was never the option to actually build anything in House Flipper, just decorate.  Two Point Hospital did have something of a building aspect, and it was punny. I loved the puns, and the DJ of the hospital was awesome… smarmy and sarcastic. But the game was pretty streamlined (build this, then that, then do this, now do that…) Oh, it gave me the freedom to build this and that where ever I wanted, but it was still “build this, then that…” It got boring pretty quickly. I never made it past the first scenario. Though, if I’m being truthful, I spend a lot of time in the first scenario. 🙂 

Anyway, Parkitect has a sandbox mode that I’ve just spent hours and hours playing in — I haven’t even started the campaigns yet, and it’s fun watching the little people playing in parks that I’ve build for them.  My first three parks went bankrupt very quickly, but then I learned that I can give myself unlimited power! That is, turn off the money aspect and build to my heart’s delight. So yeah, that’s what I’m doing now. Ha! That’s right, I’m the cheatingest cheater who’s every cheated. Actually, it’s part of the game, and I’m seriously still learning how to play, so yeah… 

Anyway, that’s what’s gotten me distracted these last few days — well, one of the things. ^_^  It’s amazing how I can look down and it’s 10AM then look up and it’s 4PM.  Time flies and all of that. All while creating little buildings for tiny people to go in and be amazed. 

Just for fun, here’s a little video of someone else (not me) building a restaurant in Parkitect: 

8 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Willow Post author

    I tried Minecraft, but couldn’t get into it. I haven’t gotten to the scenarios in Parkitect, just the sandbox mode where I can build whatever I like. I might tried the scenarios, but as you said, the linear nature might get boring after a while. I prefer sandboxing. 🙂 And the modding community is pretty active here. But… you’re right, I’ll probably be bored with this after a hundred hours. House Flipper lasted about that long. I’m already setting up my next Skyrim game. ^_^


  2. PopePeaches

    I, too, have tasted that sweet pixelcrack that is Minecraft.

    I love the tycoon games, too, but the linear nature of the system does get stale for me after a while. My biggest waste of life was “Heaven & Hell,” where you managed the stygian ide of the afterlife, and set up the various tortures for souls before booting them off to reincarnate, and hope that it was effective enough to see less returned souls. But there was only so many ways you could set up something for ‘efficiency’ before you just ran into diminishing returns. Whereas, in Minecraft, I can find literally a billion ways (350 mods to the power of 350 = 2.6534781915e+890 possible combinations and interactions) to accomplish a given task, and discover thousands more tasks along the way!

    Don’t do it… This shit is lethal to your time management.


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    Sort of like “cheat mode” in Civilizations. When they got rid of cheat mode, it wasn’t fun anymore. In cheat mode, not only could you get everything ever invented instantly, but any annoying little dictator who said he was going to nuke you was “disappeared.” They played a mournful tune and the little dictator was G-O-N-E. I never recovered from cheat mode.

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        1. Willow Post author

          Indeed. I try not to actually play until Doug gets home from work so I actually get things done during the day, but on the weekends, I just play the day away. hahaha!

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