Could be a while

Before we get power… we are the only house in our neighborhood without any. So it’s probably something on our end, though for the life of me, i cannot figure out what. The lines all appear to be connected, nothing looks loose. But here we are. We don’t have the hardware to connect a generator to the house, so that’s out. Besides, we plan on moving in a year or so anyway, an I’m not dropping a grand or more just to have electricity for a few days.

We did, however buy a kerosene heater. Worry not, dear reader, we followed the instructions thoroughly, and this is an indoor heater… made for just such an emergency. It doesn’t help us with the water, but at least we have heat. We have enough drinking water for a few days, and there’s water in the rain barrels for flushing the commodes. Showers… well, that’s another story.

Anyway, I hope we can get this figured out sooner rather than later, because being without power is downright boring. It’s too dark in my house to read or do crafting and i didn’t realize just how dark it was until i couldn’t turn on the lights. ^_^

9 thoughts on “Could be a while

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Arrgh!! Here’s an option for showering. Are there any chain truckstops in your area? Flying J or Pilot etc? They have showers and I don’t think it’s too spendy to get one, BUT I haven’t had to use the option since hubby was alive. Here’s hoping your power is up and running very soon. Also, you can (and possibly should. I would.) play the ‘disabled and ill’ card with your power company. Usually hearing someone who is in fragile health hasn’t got heat etc, lights a fire under their butts. And there are always candles. I’ve had to use that option and I don’t know how the pioneers and mountain men people didn’t go freakin’ blind. But it IS light….. I have ‘push’ lights and electronic candles for just such emergencies. Stay warm!! At least you guys aren’t freezing to death up there. 😦


    1. Willow Post author

      There is a truck stop down the road, but I dunno if they have showers. I’ll have to check that for next time. I had considered joining a gym, which is what I used when I was living in my motor home — the gym. 🙂 Doug was going to rent us a room if push came to shove. It was cold enough here that nothing in the fridge went bad… Though I’ll probably have to cook the chicken that was in the freezer. I don’t think it fully thawed, but why take that chance?


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