Yay! We have power!

So close!

I called the power company this morning and waited until I got a person –and yep, Melanie, I totally played the whole, “I’m disabled and we don’t have water” card. I explained to the nice lady on the phone that I’d tried leaving a “power outage” message via the app, over the phone, and online before taking such drastic measures as waiting for a person to talk to, but I hadn’t heard back from them, and we’d been without for several days, so here we were. She looked it up and said that I had, indeed reported my outage, but the ticket was reported as “complete” which means we should have power. I informed her that information was incorrect because we were, in fact without power and had been for some days. She was extremely nice and said she would get someone on it right away.

small trees down

Four hours later, just as I’d figured out I could put a small pan of water on top of the kerosene heater and heat some water to take what my mamma so delicately called a “whore bath” (armpits and privates) because after three days I was starting to smell y’all, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. So anyways, it was just after I’d washed up and felt a little better that the lights came on. Wouldn’t you know it? ^_^ Now I’m just waiting for the water in the water heater to get nice and hot so I can take a real shower. I did go out and thank the crew for making the trip. The guy in the truck said there was a part on the pole that was worn out, so he replaced it. Y’all, I am so glad it was as easy as that. I thank the powers that be because we’ve been so lucky this storm. Y’all don’t even know. A few days without power is a mild inconvenience to everything that *could* have happened. So yeah, counting my blessings here.

From a different angle

We ‘re gonna leave the trees until spring. They’ve fallen in such a way that they’re not hurting anything, and they’re not in the way of anything. The tree companies are probably busy with trees that are a hazard, these are just sitting in our yard. They’ll be fine for a few months. These two aren’t the only ones that came down, but they’re the closest to the house. Had they fallen the other way, they would have brought down the power and cable line, taken out both cars, and destroyed our crappy fence. They may or may not have hit the shed, I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure they were far enough away to miss the house, but the cars would definitely have been totaled. And we would have fersure have been without power for much longer — the line from the street to the house is our responsibility, so we would have had to find and electrician to fix it, and a tree service to take care of the trees. Not to mention the cars… So yeah, we’re pretty damned lucky all told.

There was a plum tree here…

Anyway, the power is back, and the wind is howling outside again. I took this opportunity to fill up every water jug we have — just in case. We are now proud owners of a kerosene heater, and as soon as I have the energy, I’m gonna do what I *should* have done a long time ago and section off the living room from the rest of the house. It’s like a big cavern in here — four rooms all one big area with half walls and dividers… and the heaters cannot heat it efficiently. But the layout is so atrocious it’s really difficult to section it off (with curtains or blankets) because nothing lines up with anything else. And there’s “vaulted” ceilings but the walls — what few walls there are — don’t quite go to the ceilings… it’s really just a mess. I’m gonna do the best I can though because this is just crazy and if we do lose power again, the kerosene heater needs to heat just one room, not this cave.

Okay, I’ve rambled on enough. I’m exhausted. Being cold for a few days will do that to a person. I’ll try and catch up with everyone tomorrow. Tonight, I’m just gonna take it easy and try and warm up. See y’all later!

9 thoughts on “Yay! We have power!

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  2. Melanie B Cee

    Dang!!! You do have “patience” 😉 I’d have been on the power company’s butt after two days. And I’m glad my ‘advice’ netted you some reward. I have a gas fireplace, and am grateful for that…only issue with it is that it has an ELECTRIC switch to turn it on…soooo. One winter (I think about 1983..and gawd. Is that a long time ago or WHAT?) I was living in an actual hovel which had mostly gas appliances and only the lights were on electric (well and the water heater switch). I was grateful for the gas stove though. We got a HUGE storm (snow was heavy and wet and stuck) which brought down power lines all over the place and folks (including me) were without power for a while. That stove saved my bacon (figuratively) because I lit it and the whole place was pretty toasty warm. I could also cook and heat water, and I’ve always thought gas was the way to go. Less chance of disasters like your area experienced. Of course in these houses everything is electric, so I hope & pray the power doesn’t get knocked out. I have plenty of blankets and throws, but not being able to wash for days would really get on my last nerve. I’m so happy everything has resolved! You take care!!

    Last thing: How did Poptart enjoy his enforced spell of cool living? Huny would have been highly uncomfortable and therefore more clingy, because I’m her heat source when she gets cold..


    1. Willow Post author

      Well, since the whole area was out, it doesn’t do any good to yell at the power company. But when everyone around us was on, but we weren’t, the only thing I *could* do was report us as still out, then wait. I mean there are still neighborhoods without power, so we weren’t alone.

      When I lived with my first husband, we had a house with wood stoves and we went many a day without power due to a windstorm… Also in the winter. The wood stoves kept the place toasty warm and we could cook on them and heat water. My first husband was a handy man so we always had a good stock of firewood for just such emergencies. Too bad he was also an asshole.

      Poptart wasn’t more clingy than usual. He’s *always* clingy, and he has a nice, big pile of blankets for him to bury himself under. Him and Cocoa (who’s also small) availed themselves of the blankets and braved it out just fine. We all kept ourselves warm at night, but that’s par for the course. ^_^


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    We’ve had terrible wind storms since last March. Even little storms are accompanied by strong winds. Weird. We’ve been lucky in mostly having power … particularly lucky since we don’t have a generator and can’t afford one — OR the electrical connection either. And without electricity, we have no water because we have a well which runs on an electric pump. No electric? No heat. No water. No nothing. So far, so good!


    1. Willow Post author

      That’s the same boat we were in… we’re on a well too. No electric, no water, no heat. And we don’t have the hook up for a generator either (nor the money for one).


  4. Sadje

    Good for you guys! Stay warm. Always make sure that the next tree you plant is at least 20feet away from any building that you own/ live in.


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