Sharing my world (late this week)

Did you have to help out with chores when you were growing up?  If so, what were you assigned to do? hahahaha!  Bwhahahahaha!  HAHAHAHAHA!  *ahem*  Sorry My mom came home from work one day when we were about ten or eleven and said: “I work my ass off all day and I’ll be damned if I’m going to come home and clean up after you kids.” And that was that. Us kids were forever in charge of keeping the house clean. We weren’t assigned any particular chores, it was just up to us to maintain the house. Not that we did a great job of it, being kids and all, but it was still our “responsibility”. When someone called CPS on my mom because of the state of our house (it was pretty awful) my mom actually blamed us for not keeping it clean enough. Dear reader, we were eleven (maybe ten I forget), our brothers were younger than us. Think about that. But my mom didn’t care… it was still our fault that people called her a bad mother because we didn’t keep the house clean. Anyway, my sister and I, being the oldest (at ten, maybe eleven) tried to do the cooking and kitchen stuff. We started with opening cans of Chef Boy-R-Dee and went from there. By twelve, I was a pretty good cook. If my mom did that in today’s world, she’da got her kids taken away from her. But in the seventies, latchkey kids were a common hing. So there you go.

Have you ever researched your family tree? What do you know about your family’s roots? Right after I got married the first time and started having kids, I delved into my family roots for a bit. The internet wasn’t a thing back then so I had to rely mostly on family history and stories. I didn’t learn a whole lot but I did learn a bit. I got as far as my 3-great grandparents on my mom’s side and great great grandparents on my dad’s side. And branched out to their kids and so on until I hit dead ends. Then my enthusiasm just hit a plateau and I was, “I know enough.” and I’ve long since lost interest. My mom’s side of the family is mostly English and German with some Irish thrown in for good measure, and my dad’s side of the family is mostly Irish and Scot. Go back a few generations and we have Northern Europe in there too (Swedish and Norwegian). One branch of our family came over as indentured servants and another was minor nobility. So we’re kind of all over the place. I did realize though that I’m one of the few people I know that *doesn’t* have any claim to Native American blood. Not a drop. Seems a few years back, nearly everyone was at least partially Native American, but nope, no one in my family — at least in my direct bloodline — dilly dallied with any of the tribes. We’re also distantly related (several times removed) to General Patton. Not close enough to be invited to reunions, but some of my relatives share the name. I remember once I was at a convention of some sort and the Daughters of the American Revolution were there, recruiting members I think, I inquired about them and they asked me about my ancestry and I said, “Hmm let’s see… pale skin, blonde hair, green eyes… I’m thinking Northern Europe.” I didn’t know if I had an ancestor from the American Revolution so I did not qualify for their little club. Color me sad, dear reader, color me sad.

What’s your cure for hiccups? I get a glass of water (at least 8 ounces), and while pinching my nose closed with one hand, drink that glass of water in one go. You’ve gotta keep the nose closed and drink the water down. It works every time.

Totally safe, drink the whole bottle

What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?  Either figuratively or literally? “It’s all natural so it’s good for you.”  Yeah, do you know what else is all natural? Bears. Bears are 100% natural, and they’ll kill you dead just as soon as look at you. Okay, they’re not *that* bad, but you really don’t want to mess with bears, do you? There’s not exactly *good* for you. You know? However, if you want to compare apples to apples, let’s talk about belladonna — also known as deadly nightshade. Belladonna is all natural. Now, belladonna can be used as a medicine — it has antispasmodic properties, and women used to use it in their eyes to make their eyes look more “beautiful” (hence the name). But, dear reader, belladonna will kill a person dead too. Because it is a poison. It used to be a very common one. All natural does not equal “good for you.” It never has, and it never will.


Share a gratitude or positive moment or experience from 2019 so far.  Just read my last post.  That’s all about the most positive thing that’s happened so far this year. Yeah, we were without power, but we have it now, and it could have been so much worse. I’m totally glad it wasn’t.

As an aside, I have no idea what’s going on with the spacing on this post. I’ve tried three different ways from Sunday to make it behave, but it won’t. Sorry, dear reader, but it’s just going to be wonky.

From: Melanie’s Share Your World. Sorry I’m late. I had internet issues.

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  1. Melanie B Cee

    Fantastic answers to Share Your World, Willow! And you’re not late, I have two bloggers who routinely answer the SYW questions on Sunday, sooo. I’m not into cracking the whip and saying anything not posted within 24 hours is rejected. What fun is that? I like spontaneous, which is partially why I wanted to host SYW in the first place. It’s fascinating. And my siblings and I are all within three years of each other..I’m the eldest and my youngest sibling is a little more than 3 years younger than I am. So I know about the bond. But as my brothers were more of a chore to watch (probably so was I come to that), I expected a little bit of monetary reimbursement for putting up with them.


    1. Willow Post author

      My mom didn’t pay us nuthing for anything. We were expected to “do our part” because, well, it was expected of us. When she had our baby brother (the one eleven years younger than us) she broke down and hired a babysitter — for him. Not for us, she told us that explicitly. Though the babysitter certainly made it clear that we were to do as she said or all hell would break loose. So… yeah.


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