Another picture… :)

When one cannot do much, one has to do something to pass the time. Right now, that thing for me is Photoshop. And when I am learning something new, I want to trot it out and say, “See this thing I did? Look at it!” Because I’m as human as the next person. So here’s my latest attempt at messing with lighting and shadows in Photoshop. This screenshot was taken at around the same time and in the same place as the last one (you’ll recognize the shelter she’s standing in). I added rain, made things darker and really didn’t have to fuss too much with the lighting because once I made the outside darker, it really lit up the inside of the shelter a lot. Shadows… Shadows are another thing altogether. But I think I’m getting the hang of them… They still don’t look totally realistic, but better than the last try at it I think. 🙂

Anyway — Look at this thing I did, dear reader! hehehehe

Original picture:

and Photoshopped:

As you can see, I also added rain, because it was pouring buckets outside, but for some reason, it didn’t show it in front of my character… you can kind of see it behind the character and somewhat in front of her in the original, but honestly, it was way worse than it appears in the original picture. I probably made it a bit too dark, but after a few hours of fussing, I’m totally done with it. I actually like the results. I think it turned out kinda neat. Anyway, hope you enjoyed.

2 thoughts on “Another picture… :)

    1. Willow Post author

      Aw, you flatter me. ^_^ I have you to thank for it. It was your posting way back when of your challenges that got me started on this path. You should post more of your stuff.



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