A few food Questions

So, these are making the rounds. I found them at Melanie’s site… Sparks from a Combustible Mind, but I’ve read the answers elsewhere… Follow the link to Melanie’s site and you can find the links to where she found them and to other people’s answers. I’m way too tired to link them all. ^_^

Image result for german chocolate cake
German Chocolate Cake

What is your favorite chocolate dessert? I like chocolate in general, and will eat it in just about any form at any time. Having said that, as a dessert, I tend to lean towards chocolate cakes of many varieties. I really like German Chocolate Cake with its buttery frosting and coconut… and I also like Black Forest Cake with its dark, rich cake and cherries. Yum. And then there’s just regular ol’ chocolate cake with chocolate, butter creme frosting. I will very rarely turn down chocolate cake. I like cheesecake for dessert too, but I actually don’t like chocolate cheesecake all that much, but I like cheesecake with chocolate crust and chocolate topping. I am okay with chocolate mousse and/or puddings and I’m okay with chocolate ice cream… actually I prefer other flavors over chocolate when it comes to ice cream but I’ll eat chocolate. However, if I had my druthers when it comes to dessert, I would prefer cake.

Where do you go first in the grocery store? Well, right now, I send my significant other to the grocery store. And there are reasons for that. However, when I do go to the store, I just turn towards the produce aisle and wander around the perimeter. I read a long time ago that one can save a lot of money if they do not wander up and down the aisles, which used to be my wont in grocery stores. But, said the article, if one sticks to the outside and only goes into the aisles for necessities, then one will not stray from whatever list one has. It works. Well, it worked for me. So I just kind of turn towards the produce section, depending on which store I’m in and go around the outside aisles, going down the relevant aisles as needed.

You win three minutes of free shopping in the grocery store with an empty cart…what do you fill it with? Three minutes? hahahahaha! Uh, I might make it to the the coffee aisle in three minutes. This body doesn’t move that quickly. hahahaha!

What is your favorite fruit and how do you like to eat it? I don’t have a favorite fruit. I usually eat a variety of fruits all at once, like mixed fruit bowls. The fruits in those bowls are usually cut in cubes of various sizes for easier eating.

You go to a magic cafe where plates fill with whatever you request…what do you get? Something different every time. If this were a magic cafe, it would know what I was in the mood for every time I enter the cafe. I dislike eating the same thing over and over. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your thing, dear reader, but I usually scan the menu of anywhere I go for something I haven’t had.

How do you like your fish? Depends on the fish and depends on my mood. I mean, there’s a large variety of fish out there and they all lend themselves to different ways of cooking. Some don’t taste very good battered and deep fried, but are delectable when fried in butter or oil without the batter. I love me some salmon, but I think it would be pretty awful battered and fried. It’s pretty awesome baked though. And I like salmon in pasta.

Image result for chocolate covered strawberry

Do you eat jello (what is your favorite flavor)? I generally eat Jello (and other gelatin desserts but mostly Jello) whenever I’m sick. From since I was a kid, I’ve eaten Jello when I was sick. My mom got me hooked on what she called “Jello soup” which is basically hot Jello, or Jello made without the cold water. I tend to eat the lime flavor and cherry flavor (not together). I dislike flavors like strawberry, but I’m okay with cherry.

What is the most, ahem, “adult” food you can think of? I don’t tend to think of foods when I think of *ahem* adult anything. ^_^ I guess chocolate covered strawberries? Those are supposed to be romantic? Right? Or oysters? Like aren’t those supposed to be an aphrodisiac? I suppose a banana is the slapstick version if you want to get the phallic image.

What food do you eat that might put you in the “old” age category? There’s such a category? Really? I honestly don’t know.

Mall food courts…yes, no, where do you eat? If I’m at the mall, then yeah, I’ll eat at the mall food court. Why not? Where do I eat? Again, it totally depends on what mall I’m at, what’s available, and what mood I’m in. Like the last mall I was in didn’t have a lot of choice, and so I opted for Mediterranean food. I had gyros. It was not for mall food.

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