A thought

I see a lot of pearl clutching and end of the world naysayers mixed with “we’re all awful” chants — we being either humankind or Americans, depending on who is doing the chanting. This picture to the right has been going around my Facespace, and it kind of makes me angry.

Why does it make me angry? Because the author of this post (and I don’t know if the person named in the picture is the one who originally posted it, so I whited them out) paints everyone in the United States with the same brush as the people who donated to this “cause”. One percent of America donated to the wall, and they obviously didn’t donate to the other causes listed, so we’re all evil… we all “fucking suck”. Screw you, whoever posted this… screw to hell. Because know what, dear reader, we do not “fucking suck”. Those who donated to the needless wall (and who didn’t donate to any worthy cause like helping Flint or building shelters…) they certainly suck donkey balls. Our glorious leader is evil, and he sucks rocks. 99% of us agree upon that. But let me tell y’all something — I, personally, do not “fucking suck” and I’ll bet that you, dear reader, are not evil and don’t “fucking suck”. So that makes at least two of us, right? Most of the people in the United States are simply trying to live their lives and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the wall. The writer of this post has no idea who did or did not give any money to Flint or has built homeless shelters, or contributed to cancer treatments. So fuck them for saying “We fucking suck.” Because we do not suck. Neither humankind nor Americans suck. Screw that noise.

In the small town I live in, there are at least three separate drives for food and cash to help the people who have been effected by the government shut down. Count them… Three separate groups of people working to collect food and donations for complete strangers who might be going without during our glorious leader’s temper tantrum. I’m a recluse, and I know of these people who are helping others. Just imagine if I was a social person who went out and about. My town has a population of about 17,000 people. I can’t even imagine how many people are helping others in bigger towns and cities. And don’t say they’re not. Just look around. They’re there. And if you don’t see helpers, dear reader, perhaps it’s time to be one? It doesn’t take much to turn to your neighbor and ask, “Is everything okay with you?” You know? I think that if there were less finger pointing and pearl clutching there would be way more helping. The more help there is in the world, the less chance the evil has to get its grip in the hearts of people.

As I said before, I’m not evil, and I’m fairly sure that you, dear reader, are not evil either. Just because the people in power are leaning towards the evil side does not make the majority of our country evil. And just because a lot of us feel powerless to stop them, that does not make us evil either. Despite the saying, there are times when good people have no choice but to but wait for the opportunity to do something (in other words do nothing for now).

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. It’s been on my mind for a while. I’ll leave y’all with a couple of quotes I find inspiring. Yeah, I’ve used them before, but that’s because they are inspiring… 🙂

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