Spam weirdness

So a few people have been noticing an increase in their spam here on WordPress lately. I had that a while back but not so much lately. I checked my spam folder today and there were four messages. One told me I’d won and iPhone. One informed me that my blog was losing customers and I should market myself better (because this is totally a business blog), one was… illegible, and then there was this beauty:

I hope y’all can read that. It was a screen capture. I didn’t want to change a thing. It looks like someone threw a bunch of catch phrases into a translator and this is what came out. If you click either one of the images (I upped the contrast on one), there should be a link in the bottom right that says “view full size” and then you should be able to read it. If you’re curious as to why my screen is dark, I have a program on my computer that darkens every website for days like today when I have a headache an too much light hurts.

Anyway, I kinda live for that kind of weirdness. It’s awesome when I come across it. I thought I would share, because sometimes we need that kind of laughter in our world. ^_^

9 thoughts on “Spam weirdness

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