You’re not paranoid

if it’s true. 😛

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So do me a favor, dear reader. Take out your phone, and type in the letters r-i-s-s-o… and see what you get. I’ll bet you money it’s not “Rizzo from Grease.” I’ll put Money on the barrelhead that’s not what you get when you type in those letters. That’s how sure I am. But that’s the search results I got yesterday when I was trying to remember (aloud) who Stockard Channing was. I was all, “You know, that woman who played Rizzo in Grease. Let me look it up.” And I took out my phone and typed r-i-s-s-o and up popped “Rizzo from Grease” as the first (second, and third) option for r-i-s-s-o. Now, I’m telling you, dear reader, that should not have been the first thing to pop up in a Google search for those letters. I can think of half a dozen of other things, like rissoto recipes with risotto spelled wrong. Or, what I got on this computer when I tried it a moment ago — Risso’s Dolphins, Risso Restaurant, Risso Car Service… and so on. But not (not even into page three) Rizzo from Grease. Doug can call me paranoid all he wants, but — he’s wrong!

I think, and you can call me paranoid too, but I think that Google (and Facebook, and Amazon, and whoever) is listening in on our conversations. When weird shit like that keeps happening — and it’s totally *not* the first time it’s happened, what else am I supposed to think? And it doesn’t just happen on my phone. It totally happens on my computer too. Doug and I will have a conversation about some off the wall thing like Underwater Breathing Equipment (neither of us Scuba dives) and I’ll go to look something up and there will totally be adverts for Scuba equipment all over the place. You can’t convince me *they* are not listening, even if it’s passively through our stuff. Here’s an article that backs me up. Vice article Though this article says… not so much. The second article says we’re still being targeted through our searches and purchases but not through our conversations — though they only monitored one conversation, not exactly a scientific study. You know?

I don’t think, dear reader, that there’s a little man in a van listening in on every conversation everywhere. I’m not that paranoid, and there aren’t enough little men to go around, but I totally think that our AI is advanced enough to catch words and phrases and adjust the search engines and adverts accordingly. I dunno whether to admire the advancement or be spooked about it. I really don’t. I honestly don’t have enough money to steal, and my credit is crap, so my identity isn’t worth stealing either, but I still like my privacy. That’s why I have paper over my webcam and my phone isn’t attached to my hip. Anyway, that was on my mind today. Thought I’d get it off my chest.

6 thoughts on “You’re not paranoid

  1. Sadje

    First point was spot on. I didn’t find the first thing on writing “risso” a reference from grease. So that could be someone eavesdropping! Do you have an Echo or Alexa? That might be the way on listening in!


    1. Willow Post author

      Nope, I don’t have anything like alexa or echo for just such a reason. ^_^ Seems like my precautions are for naught though since “they” are listening anyway. hahahaha!


  2. Melanie B Cee

    My hits (from my computer search, not my phone. My phone is stupid. Period. Smart? Feh. It left ‘smart’ in the rear view just after I bought it I think. Sorta like how much a car (even a brand spanking new car) depreciates the moment you drive it off the car lot. Anyway. I do NOT search on my phone…it can’t spell and it doesn’t understand if I try to. It keeps replacing and replacing and replace until I want to scream. There’s been enough screaming today already thanks. My top hits were:

    Antoine Risso – Wikipedia
    Risso’s dolphin – Wikipedia
    Risso’s Dolphin Species Guide – Whale and Dolphin Conservation
    Risso Transportes – Matriz com transbordo (14) 3604-3000 (what’s with the FRENCH? I spreken the Ingles..) Okay you get the point. YOU’RE not paranoid, “they” really are out to get you (and me and everyone we know).

    Tell Doug your viewpoint has been supported loyally by your cyber friend Melanie. 😛

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