Some random pictures

We had some snow the other day — Sunday to be exact. It looks pretty awesome, but it makes driving a bit difficult. Doug missed work on Monday because neither of our cars could make it out of the driveway. Here are a couple of pictures of Mister in the snow:

Yep, he was not having it, but he also wasn’t happy about the dogs being out with him inside. The dogs really didn’t care about the snow one way or the other. They treat it much the same way they treat rain. Something to be endured until it goes away.

Our pump froze yesterday because the bulb in the pump house went out. Everyone and their uncle told us “keep a light on in the pump house to keep it from freezing.” even after I told them the thing froze because light bulb burnt out. It’s weird how many people missed that. What’s weirder is that I took a nice, hot shower like at midnight the night before, so it didn’t take very long for the stupid thing to freeze, because Doug woke me up at 8am to tell me the water wasn’t working. So less than 8 hours. We have a space heater in there right now on low and that’ll do until the snow’s gone then we’ll put a better lamp in there — one that won’t blow through light bulbs like this one seems to.

Anyway, more random pictures: I took this picture in my Skyrim game the other day. It’s of my last character. She’s selling stuff in Windhelm, a city that’s cold and grey. I thought it would look great as an old photograph. Like one of those snapshots that people used to take of others on the streets. So that’s what I tried to make it look like:

Original screenshot:

And the Photoshopped version, made all black and white, and grainy with vignetting (I like vignetting) and just a touch of color added back in so it looks like a faded picture. It’s weird how cropping the picture and changing to monochrome changed the lighting dramatically. I didn’t touch the lighting at all in this picture, but in the monochrome, the emphasis is on her face, where in the original screenshot, her face seems to be in the shadows. She’s wearing a backpack, which is why there’s a dark space between her and the chair. You can kind of see the woodcutter’s ax that’s attached to it.

So there’s my randomness for today. Two completely unrelated topics. Okay, both are pictures, but still completely unrelated. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed.

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    1. Willow Post author

      WordPress is not telling me of comments, sorry I didn’t see this one. :-/ Mister is plump, isn’t he? He’s actually lost a lot of weight since I first got him. Back then, he weighted 23 pounds! O_o. Now he weighs about 19 pounds, and that’s as good as it gets for Mister. He’s just a big, fat, cat. And I love him.

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