Snow continues

For those of you who live in snowy realms, this might not be a big deal, but the last time they had snow like this around here, my kids where still kids — 1996 according to the locals on Facespace. And it’s still coming down. According to the forecast, it should turn to rain by this afternoon, and the whole area is under a flood warning because all that snow has to go somewhere…

So here is a picture of my front yard this morning:

A reminder, this was my front yard yesterday:

Those wooden stakes we have in the ground to keep the dogs from digging are completely covered up. Another picture, here is a picture of our security camera feed from this morning:

edited in Photoshop of course

Doug’s car (the blue one…) is practically buried. For reference, this was yesterday morning:

So, we’re not going anywhere today. So long as the power stays on and the roof holds out, we’ll be okay. Like I said, it’s supposed to turn to rain… um an hour ago. hahahahaha! We’ll see. I’m not looking forward to any potential floods. But I’m not borrowing trouble. Have fun y’all. I’m gonna make myself a cup of coffee and watch videos.

7 thoughts on “Snow continues

    1. Willow Post author

      It’s new for me too! If I were younger and in better health, I’d be out there trying to dig a path out to the road, but I’m old and frail now, so I’m inside watching from the window. ^_^

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    1. Willow Post author

      It was supposed to warm up and be raining by now. The snow’s stopped, but it’s not raining. ^_^ There’s forecast for *some* sun tomorrow but more snow by Thursday. This is already record breaking snow for this area.


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