On a whim

I thought I’d just check my Steam library and see how many hours I have actually played Skyrim these past three-ish years. Now, remember, dear reader, I started playing on the console some time in 2015 because I hurt my shoulder and couldn’t do much of anything else… (blogged about it here). And I stuck with the console (two of them, the PS4 and the Xbox One) for a while, then I used Doug’s Steam account on the PC for a while before getting my own, so those hours wouldn’t be wouldn’t be counted in these numbers I looked up today. But here’s what I saw today, dear reader…

Like, holy hell… that’s a lot of hours into video games! And that’s not even counting the hours I spent modding said games. Sometimes I’ll spend upwards to a week — I mean four to eight hours a day, every day, for a week — just to play maybe 20 hours of a game before I scrap the whole thing and start over. So picture that, dear reader — I spend more time modding my games than I do playing them, and I have spent over 3,000 hours playing these games in the past three years. No wonder I don’t get anything else done. ^_^


That’s actually not true. I play (and mod) the games because of my physical limitations. I would totally spend my time doing other things if I could. Today I wore myself out just doing my morning routine of feeding the pets. I hardly had enough energy to make myself some coffee. And I’ve been now and again looking morosely at my empty coffee cup for almost an hour. It still has not magically filled itself with hot coffee. Darn it. I totally want another cup of coffee, but damned if I have the energy to make one. I wish coffee gave me energy like it does everyone else. That would be awesome. But nope, I like the taste. And it’s the only no calorie (or low calorie) beverage — aside from Diet Coke, which is “bad” for you — that I enjoy.

But anyway, I knew I had a lot of hours into Skyrim — both editions — and Fallout 4, but I didn’t realize I had that many hours into those games. I’ve played a few other games here and there, and I think I have a hundred or so hours into those games — there are a few games I’ve spent … minutes playing. But hey, one cannot like every game. I bought a couple of games on a whim and noped out of them so fast it wasn’t even funny — Viscera Cleanup Detail was one of them. I’ve played a few hours in others then got so bored I was just yeah… back to Skyrim. Both House Flipper and Two Point Hospital come to mind. I mean, you can only paint so many walls, you know? I’m still gonna give Planet Coaster another shot — eventually — I rage quit it a little while ago because the path making tool just made me… angry. Like throw my computer at the wall angry. Better to close the game than throw my computer, I thought, so I did. ^_^ I played through Prey (2017) a couple times, then modded it and started a third play through and enjoyed it, but even Prey got a little… meh for me because I kinda sorta knew where everything was and what’s the point in exploring when one knows where everything is? I guess that’s why I like Skyrim so much. I still haven’t found everything.

I can’t tell you why I like Bethesda games so much — particularly Skyrim. Maybe it’s because I can mod it to my liking. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to chase the dream of the “perfect Skyrim experience” with all of the mods and it gives me something to do rather than stare out the window and watch the grass grow. I dunno. I mean I do other things than mod and play Skyrim. I watch other people play Skyrim on YouTube. Ha! Just kidding — only a little — I watch other people play video games on YouTube, as well as other things, but most of the people I watch are Let’s Players, just not only Skyrim Let’s Players. For example, I’m enjoying watching these two dudes build a zoo with Planet Coaster. They’re way more proficient at it than I am, and the detail they put into their park is like, mind blowing. There’s another dude who’s like a magician with Planet Coaster, and every time I watch one of his videos I’m awestruck at what he can put together. He’s pretty talented at taking bits and bobs and making beautiful objects. And I watch people play games I’ll never play. Like this dude with Visceral Cleanup Detail. He loves playing this game, and I like watching him play it. I tried it, didn’t like it and will never play it again. But I enjoy watching him play it. I think it’s interesting that we live in a day and age where someone can make an okay living playing video games on YouTube. If I had a better voice and the right equipment, I’d probably give it a go, but with my lung problem right now I have a “breathless” voice and it ain’t Marilyn Monroe breathless more like: “Hold up and let me catch my breath” breathless so… probably not a good idea.

So that’s just a little tidbit about me that I’d thought I’d share. If anyone knows a way to get my coffee cup to magically fill itself up, I’d love to hear it. ^_^ Also, I wonder if Photoshop has how many hours I’ve sunk into using it? Like, that would be interesting to know. ^_^

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  2. purpleslob

    wow, just wow!! Like counting your steps, only digital finger moves! HA!
    I know what you mean about the energy. Magical coffee cups r hard to come by. Sorry, I think I just broke our last one. 😦

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    1. Willow Post author

      I really need a magic coffee cup right now! ^_^ I’m so tired. Thanks for coming by, Melinda. I am reading your stuff, but I get it on my RSS feed, so I’m not reading it on your blog page because I still have to log in to comment. 😦 But I am reading it.

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