The purging continues

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Dutch oven

So I had to put the purging of our house on hold for awhile because of the stupid cough I had for, like, months and months. I’m not coughing (as much) now and we’re down to the last 11 or so months in this house. I’ll be damned if we’re gonna move with all of this junk again, so we’re back to purging the extraneous stuff out of our house. Today, Doug and I took a bunch of paper shopping bags full of stuff to the local thrift store. Some of them were bags of books and clothes that have been sitting in the back of my car for I don’t even want to admit how long, but a lot of them were things we pulled out of our cupboards today. Like we had a lot of pots and pans that have just been sitting there for… years. Good pans too. We kept a few that we use, some that were given to us a wedding gift (the cast iron dutch oven is always useful), and the rest went out the door. Now there’s nothing in the cabinets under the stove, or in the cabinets in the stupid island in the middle of the kitchen.

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meat cleaver

We also cleaned out the utensil and silverware drawers of everything we haven’t used in, like, years but have held onto just in case we might have need of it. I had a butcher’s knife y’all — a meat cleaver — just because I’d never had one before and I thought it was cool to have one. As a general rule, I don’t really need a meat cleaver… I don’t butcher that many animals, nor do I have that many cuts of meat that require cleaving… but hey! Meat cleaver! It’s cool! Right? That’s not really a good reason to have something in your drawer. At least I don’t think it’s a good reason to have something lying around in your drawer. I mean, you might think so, dear reader, but I don’t. Especially since we’re trying to cut down on superfluous stuff in our house. We also had three (count them… three!) can openers. I don’t even know how we ended up with three can openers, but we only need one. In the end, we wound up with about two paper grocery bags full of kitchen utensils and silverware to give to the local thrift store.

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pressure cooker

I’m going give away my canning supplies to anyone who wants them on the local Facespace group. You might be asking why we didn’t just take them to the thrift store with the other things, and it’s like this… Some things it’s easier to take them to the thrift store and drop them off, but with things like canning supplies, my yarn stash, and my baking supplies (which I gave away a long time ago) I just feel, I dunno, better that they’re going to a place where someone *wants* them. If that makes sense. I have a huge pressure cooker that I used the hell out of in New Mexico and a bit when we lived in Seattle, but I haven’t touched it since we moved here to this place. I think it’s because this place has a really crappy kitchen. I mean a really crappy kitchen. The oven is so small it barely hold one of the small cookie sheets you can buy at the store. Plus, it cooks hot (you have to set the heat lower than you need it) and that’s sporadic. I’ve long since purged most of my baking goods. Like, years ago. I haven’t baked in years. Baking used to be my yoga… my zen… no wonder I’m cranky all of the time. >_< Anyway, I’m gonna be putting up my canning stuff this weekend, so those will be out of the house by Monday probably. And I’m fairly sure that we’ll have the kitchen purged by next week. Then we’ll move on to the other spaces.

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Worry not, dear reader, this is only the first pass through the kitchen. Purging is serious business, and I’m serious about it this time. I know full well that there will be things we thought we wanted to keep this first time through and we’ll probably look at a second time and go… “No, I really want to keep these, they’re staying.” or “Yeah, we probably don’t need those as much as we thought we did, we can put them in the donate pile.” We made a lot of mistakes when we moved here from New Mexico, and one of the biggest was holding on to a good many things that we probably should have let go of. We’re not making that mistake again. We’ll keep mementos and things that are dear to us, but stuff we don’t use anyway, and things that can be bought cheaply again? Eh… better to just donate and have done with it.

Sorry for the stock photos. I’m tired from going through our stuff then driving out with Doug to the store. My energy is coming back little by little these days, but it’s still an uphill battle. Hey, at least I have the energy to do things now, even if it’s only a little. ^_^

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  1. purpleslob

    Glad you have some energy to purge! That’s excellent!! Curious- how did you wrap up the cleaver for donating? I never know how to keep the knives from cutting someone.


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