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Melanie over at Sparks from a combustible mind nominated me for this “quote” challenge. I’m a good sport. I’ll play. Kind of. I’m not the nominating type. Especially since I don’t actually follow that many people, sorry y’all, I just don’t have the energy to actively follow people on social media. However, if you want to take part, consider yourself nominated.

So anyway, here’s the deal, I’m supposed to post some quotes about the topic of the day which is “Hope” and then nominate people, also thank the person who nominated me.

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Thanks a lot, Melanie. 😛

Just kidding ^_^

Mostly. I mean, I’m okay with being “nominated” once in a while for things like this — so long as it’s not an “award” (see side bar). I am. Just so long as people are okay with me ignoring them when they do so. Because a lot of the time I just don’t have the energy to do things in a timely manner.

So anyway, I can’t just plop down quotes and call it a day — another reason why I don’t play along with these things as often as other people would like. I have to dust off my Photoshop, find pictures and paste quotes on them. And I had a whole big blog post written in my head — it’s still there, but I’m just too tired to write it all out for y’all. So I’m just write the gist of it.

Hope, dear reader… hope is what gets people up in the morning. It is the spark that moves people. Even in the deepest, darkest depression, if someone is going through the motions, they have hope. Those without hope, they stop moving, stop living because hope is the flame in the dark. It is that spark of life that everyone has. For some it is a beacon that lights the way for other people and for others it is a single ember that struggles against the overwhelming darkness.

But everyone, and I do mean everyone, dear reader, who goes through this life has some kind of hope. Because without it, there’s no point in going further. Even those who protest that they hate life and hate living have hope, hope that it will get better, or hope of a better afterlife. Something keeps them living day to day.

I see a lot of negativity on the internet, and even among the hate and vitriol I know that there is hope for humankind because, dear reader, I also see everyone simply living from day to day. I see them seeking out laughter and music. I see them helping and sharing good things. That, dear reader, is hope. And it is everywhere. I’ve shared this one before, but it’s still true:

And I always see helpers. Everywhere. People sympathizing if nothing else. People sharing what they can when they can. That is my hope. I carry it with me everywhere. This, is my favorite “hopeful” saying, it’s my mantra, and it’s carried me through many a dark time:

One more, about living in the Now, I’m too tired to write a good segue, but I spent a lot of time making these, so y’all will just have to deal with the abruptness of it all. ^_^

And that’s it. Thanks Melanie for nominating me. I really mean it. Hope y’all enjoyed my showing off my mad Photoshop skills. hahahaha! Hey, it gave me something to do today and yesterday. You know? I’m still coughing and wheezing. I’d go back to the doctor, but we are between insurances. Maybe next month.

9 thoughts on “About hope…

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  2. wideeyedwanderingspoonie

    Awesome response Willow. I hope you feel better (pun intended. I couldn’t help it hahaha). Seriously though, sending warm, healing thoughts your way. I have asthma and sarcoidosis and when I get ill, I can cough for months and months so I empathize.

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    1. Willow Post author

      I had to look up sarcoidosis, and man, does that sound familiar (without being an armchair physician). My sympathies. They haven’t figured out what’s causing my cough/breathing problems, so whenever I get my insurance back, I might bring this up as a possibility? I dunno.

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          1. wideeyedwanderingspoonie

            Oh that sucks! I understand though, anything more than a week on prednisone messes with my head so bad I can’t stand to be around myself. I hope you can find a doctor with some treatment ideas for you. Big cyber hugs. 🙂


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’m seriously contemplating a week off. We’re redoing the bathroom next week AND it’s my birthday AND I’ve got a long day in the hospital getting uber tested and I’m so tired. I feel this compelling need to post, but an almost equally compelling need to NOT.


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