That would be a…

Following is a series of questions that are basically “yes and no” questions. I got them from Melanie’s site here. She got them from Rory’s site here. There are rules, and I mostly followed them. 🙂 Go check out their sites, they’re always interesting.

“Rules” — Oh No Way, Oh So Way!
All you need do to the questions below are answer Oh No Way for ‘No, l have never’ or Oh So Way for ‘Yes, l have!’ Therefore your answers to the questions below can only swing two ways ‘yes or no’ or ‘Oh So Way or Oh No Way’. Willow says: I’m totally bad at following rules, so I’ll be answering “Yep” or “Nope” and furthering the answers if I see fit. I’m a rebel like that.

Eaten food off of someone’s naked body. Kind of… It totally wasn’t like they portray it in the movies, but food was involved and we were naked… so I guess that counts?

Image result for i plead the fifth

Fooled around in the stockroom while on the job. I plead the fifth.

Peed in someone else’s wardrobe. Nope. That’s disgusting and unsanitary.

Spied on my neighbors. Nope. I don’t like being spied on, so I don’t spy on other people.

Been seasick. Nope. I don’t get seasick, and why would this be a “no way” question anyway… Being seasick is involuntary.

Sprayed graffiti on something. Nope. I do unto others and would get pissed if someone did that to mine.

Gotten bitten, scratched, scraped or developed a rash after having sex/during sex in the great outdoors. Nope. But I have had sex outdoors. I was just lucky enough go not get any of those things while doing it.

Had a hangover that was so chronically bad that you wanted to curl up and disappear from the planet. “Chronically” means that it lasted for a long time. I’ve had exactly two hangovers in my life, and one lasted for a day. The other lasted for about eight hours. I don’t think either of those lasted long enough to be “chronic” — though they were bad enough to for me to want to curl up and die. However! I do have migraines on a regular basis that are both chronic, and so horrible that I want to curl up and disappear.

Fooled around or played hanky panky on the beach. Nope. I actually haven’t had sex on the beach. Didn’t want to risk getting sand in places it didn’t belong.

Locked keys in the car. Yep.

Played strip poker. Yep.

Hidden cigarettes, cigars or weed, so my parents wouldn’t know I was smoking. Nope. I don’t smoke.

Fooling around in a car and accidentally honked the horn. Hehehehehehe. Yep.

Eaten really odd, strange, weird or zany crazy foods. What one considers strange, someone else considers delicious. So there. 😛

Played spin the bottle. Yep. It was boring.

patchy hair…

Dyed my hair and it went horribly and disastrously wrong. Eh… kind of. My dad’s girlfriend dyed my hair (from blonde to auburn) and I ended up looking like the bottom of a forest floor in autumn. It wasn’t disastrous, but it was… interesting.

Ridden on a strange animal, cow, buffalo, camel, elephant, rocking horse. Nope. I was put on top of an elephant at a circus once, but I don’t think that counts as “riding”. Other than that, I’ve walked or driven a car.

Grabbed an electric fence by mistake. Nope. I’m pretty cautious around electrical fences.

Had nude photos taken. I plead the fifth

Been electrocuted by wiring. Nope. i’m pretty cautious around electric wires.

Had food poisoning. Nope.

Attended a swingers party or other such like ‘erotic’ exotic venue. Yep

Kicked out of a library for being too loud. Nope. Libraries used to be my refuge from the maddening crowds.

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  1. Melanie B Cee

    These are fun, short and to the point. Rory posts some new ones every week just FYI. 😉 I think your hair turned out very pretty in that shot actually! No bright orange…


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