playing with Photoshop

I’m going through some of my old pictures and I came across this old one of my dog Cocoa…

and I thought… I wonder what I can do with this? My original thought was just to get the stains out of the carpet, which is easy enough in Photoshop really. Not in real life unfortunately… The stains, btw, dear reader, are from the dog pictured. He drinks water too quickly then vomits up his last slurp. He’s done that since we’ve adopted him. Warm water, cold water, cool water… metal dish, plastic dish, ceramic dish… it doesn’t matter. He does it all of the time. We have wet spots everywhere, but hey, at least it’s just water. Anyway, this is the picture I ended up with.

Thought I’d share.

Oh, and for those of you who just can’t stand this sort of thing. Another picture I ran across today. I took it a long time ago while Doug and I were waiting for seats at a restaurant in New Mexico. I can’t remember which restaurant, but I knew this picture would just drive some friends of mine crazy. I’d forgotten all about it until going through old files. Enjoy!

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