Where have I been?

Poptart’s ears

Reading, dear reader, reading… And learning things. Sorry I’ve been away for so long — almost a week! Jeez Louise! I can’t even give y’all an excuse. I’ve just been reading and trying to learn stuff. Plus three of our furbabies had their vet appointments last week — So far, they’ve all had clean bills of health. So far. Well, we have to keep an eye out for Brandy’s thyroid (she’s on the cusp of hypothyroidism), and Cocoa has a small lump in his leg, that’s probably a fatty tumor, I have one of those too, so I’m not too concerned with that. Poptart’s appointment is today. I’m kinda worried about him because just last night we found a big lump on his chest. *sigh* It wasn’t there before. I would have noticed it. I mean, it’s pretty big, and i check for these things regularly. He doesn’t seem distressed, but that is worrisome. I’ll point it out to the doctor when we get there.


Anyway, I have a stack of books pertaining to businesses, marketing, buying, and legalese when it comes to running and opening a business. Some are better than others, and I’ve been reading those. Also websites and government pamphlets. There’s a ton of stuff out there, some free and some you have to pay for. But it’s a lot. I’ve also been brushing up my html skills, I’ve been trying to come up with a logo (it’s not easy). In other news, I’ve still been cleaning out the house. We’re moving in less than a year, and the we’ve got to purge. So far, I’ve cleaned out my yarn stash, my fabric stash, most of the clothes I don’t wear, and we’ve gone through the kitchen twice. We’ve made at least five trips to the local thrift store and two to the dump. We could try and sell the stuff, but honestly, neither of us really want to deal with the hassle. I tried giving some of it away on the local Facespace groups and people here are just… picky about these things I guess.

So anyway, I’ve been a little busy, and — to top it all off — I’ve been fighting off a fatigue flare. Yay! So while I’ve been reading and running the pets around (not at the same time), I’ve been battling the uncontrollable urge to fall asleep. Makes all of this a fun time had by all. Ha! I figured I would check in with y’all and let you know I’m still here and kicking. I don’t plan on abandoning my blog anytime soon. I just kinda let time slip away from me.

P.S. I don’t know what’s going on with Poptart’s picture up there, I keep fixing it, but it keeps doing weird things whenever I view my post. Let me know if it looks okay for y’all.

2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. purpleslob

    Hi Willow! Glad to hear you are still kicking! It’s a picture of a dog’s ears, surrounded by teal yarn. Looks normal to me. Hope the bump is nothing.


  2. Melanie B Cee

    The picture is fine via my monitor. Kinda small, but then I need my glasses adjusted too, so that’s probably me. Ursula took a week or so off too, so maybe it’s just a thing that’s going around. I usually notice a drop in blogging activity in the early summer, so it’s early for that, but isn’t life what happens when we’re busy making other plans? Glad to see you posting! 🙂


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