Random Ramblings

On Wednesday, a local tree service came out and cut up/down the two trees that had blown down in my front yard this past January. My yard is wide open now, and it looks completely different than it did just two days ago. Like, I can see the highway in all its glory without even trying. We planted some trees along the fence line when we first moved here, but we’re totally not gonna be here long enough to see them grow to maturation, so whatever. I now have a bunch of wood and wood chips in my yard though — to be used elsewhere on the property soon enough. I’ll take pictures of how the yard looks whenever I have some energy to wander out there. I was gonna do it yesterday, but I got distracted.

Blown down trees
These guys… they’re gone. Picture pending.

What distracted me was also caused by the trees not being there anymore. See, my house faces South – Southwest more towards the West, which means that my front windows get the full brunt of the sunset. “That’s great!” You might think. “You get to see the sunset every day.” And sunsets are really pretty, especially over the mountains. But no, it’s not great. Because there’s a certain point of the day where the light from the sunset, should it hit my eyes, really triggers my migraines. I mean all I have to do is glance in the wrong direction at the wrong time of day and BAM! I’m on the ground with instant blinding pain in my head. The trees did an excellent job of diffusing that light, even when they were cut in half. So Wednesday I got a full blast of setting sun in my house and I was all, “Yeah, that’s not good at all.”

So yesterday I decided to move my chair/desk setup to face away from the window.

Four hours, dear reader! It took me over four hours just to move five pieces of furniture (and vacuum under them, because you can’t move furniture without vacuuming under them. Well, maybe you can, but I can’t). I got most of it moved out of the way in the first hour and a half and it looked like this:

Messy living room
Messy cleanup

And that’s where I lost steam. But I couldn’t leave my living room looking like something exploded in it. So it was three more hours of move/clean then recover…. move/clean then recover until I got everything mostly where I wanted it. I was too tired to take a picture. 🙂 I’m still a little tired from it all, but you know what, dear reader? I need to get my stamina up a little if I’m gonna run a store, so bit by bit, I’m gonna do things like I did yesterday — push past the drain… just a little and hopefully regain some of the energy I’ve lost over these past three years that I’ve been sitting in the house. I’m not trying to hurt myself here, but I think I can ease my way up to a partially functioning human being again. ^_^

I’ve also picked up a new-to-me video game. Someone suggested that I might like playing The Sims 3, and I gave it a shot because it’s not that expensive. And the first day I played, I was on the computer for… ten hours! O_o Yikes! Like that’s never happened before. hehehehe. It’s fun. I probably won’t play it as much as I played Skyrim, but yeah… I like it. It’s mindless fun that lets me do something while I contemplate the intricacies of opening a store. Because that’s totally still happening. 🙂

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