A smallish update

So yesterday, our little Chihuahua mix, Poptart had surgery to get his fatty tumor removed. It cost us a bit more than we were expecting because it had grown since the time the vet felt it last week and yesterday and they were concerned it might be cancerous — we’re still waiting on them to call us about that. Poor little guy is not happy about being confined to his kennel with an inflatable collar on, but it’s for his own good. We have two other dogs and a cat and they will most assuredly try to lick his wounds even if he can’t reach them. And I don’t want him starting a fight with the cat until he’s healed a bit.

I do feel sorry for animals whenever we do something like surgery to them. Like, we can’t tell them, “Hey little guy, we’re going to cut you open to get this bad thing out of you, and it’s gonna hurt, but in a few days you’ll feel better.” All Poptart knows is that Doug took him to a place he (Poptart) doesn’t like. And Doug (a person Poptart loves and trusts) left him there for no good reason. Then poor Poptart was poked, shaved, prodded and and conked out, and when he woke up he hurt like hell. And he probably doesn’t have a clue why he’s got this pain in his side, or why he has a bit ol’ collar on his neck or why he’s stuck in his kennel, and no matter how much I try and comfort him, there’s no explaining to him why he has to stay there for a day or two. He’ll have to wear the collar for a while. He gets walks every two hours. He’ll be okay.

Poor little guy.

But I’ll tell ya, dear reader. I don’t know what we’ll do if he has cancer. We totally cannot afford any extended treatment for him. We could barely afford his surgery. I suppose we’ll just have to hope the surgeon got everything and see what happens next. The preliminary tests showed it wasn’t cancer, but that tumor grew pretty fast and went pretty deep — which is why the surgery cost more than we anticipated — but just under what we could afford. Ah well, best not to worry about it until it happens. Anyway. I thought I’d update y’all on what’s going on with our little guy. The other dogs get a little anxious with his whining, but believe me, it would be a lot worse if I let them play with him or try and lick his wounds. He’s better off in there for a few days anyway. Even if he doesn’t think so.

5 thoughts on “A smallish update

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Let’s hope there no dire diagnosis. The moment he comes home, he will completely forget all the trauma. They just do. They are very “now” based creature.

    I wish you the best luck. We are in the same position. As long as everyone is healthy, we’re okay. But otherwise, we don’t have the money.


    1. Willow Post author

      He’s already home, we just have in his kennel because the other animals won’t stop trying to lick his wound. Until it heals a little, we’ll keep him in there. It’s only a few days. He’ll be okay. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for benign tumor too.


  2. Melanie B Cee

    That was the attitude of Ziggy after he was neutered. It was all “Why did you DO THAT?”, but luckily he’s a very sweet natured doggie and he didn’t hold a grudge. It’ll all be okay, you just have to believe that. I know that’s probably simplistic thinking and quite naive on my part, but I happen to hold with the power of positive thinking. If one refuses to acknowledge the bad, can it exist? It’ll be a fatty tumor. Yep.


    1. Willow Post author

      Poptart is not happy at all to be confined to his kennel, and if it were just him in the house, I’d totally let him out and about more often, but Brandy and Cocoa will totally want to play with him and lick his wounds, so he’s just going to have to stay put for a few days. And there’s just no explaining it to him. Poor guy.

      We can both hope that it’s just a fatty tumor. 🙂 Here’s to hoping.



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