WordPress Weirdness

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So I have a Google Chrome extension called Night Eye which makes my screen darker, and it helps whenever I have a migraine or a headache. I’ve been using it for many moons now. Suddenly, about five or six days ago, WordPress decided it didn’t like this program. Like, at all. I found this out when I hit the “write” button and came up with a blank screen. I could kind of see where the dialog boxes were supposed to be, and the menu was kind of still there. If I moused over it, it would appear and disappear, but that was about it. So I wondered if there was some kind of strange interaction between the “write” screen and my Night Eye program. Lo and behold, when I turned the program off, everything started working again.

It’s not anything Earth shattering, nor am I particularly worked up about it. It just means I have to go through the bother of turning the extension on and off whenever I want to make a blog post. However, it is strange when things that used to preform well together suddenly don’t like each other. It just makes me go… Huh.

8 thoughts on “WordPress Weirdness

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    They do not have any sense of the potential consequences of the changes they make. They do not understand that by changing A, that Q S T V and Z might also change. I get so tired of them so I really only bother to complain when it is something critical. If you get the right engineer, you never know. They might actually fix it.


    1. Willow Post author

      They have no control over what third party programs their customers are using, and it’s unfair of me to want them to “fix” a problem that I created. It’s not a big deal for me to turn Night Eye off whenever I want to write something and then turn it back on when I’m done. I just thought it was strange that they suddenly didn’t work anymore. And it’s only on the writing screen — I have Night Eye on whilst writing this for example.


  2. Melanie B Cee

    WordPress overall is a monster regarding ease of use. IMHO. Once you ‘master’ a few tricks though, as you proved, you can get by. I don’t know which is more daunting…moving elsewhere and learning a whole new format OR staying around and getting more and more glitches as green IT people ‘fix’ what isn’t broken. There’s also an effort (apparently) to turn this site into Facebook. One very popular blogger actually got an award type thing from WordPress because he’s been blogging two years now. Uh. I have a suggestion for them. If you want to develop a Facebook-esque site, make a new one designed for the young and device addicted user. They’ll appreciate the changes, whereas ‘serious’ and older folk probably never will.


    1. Willow Post author

      Facespace is pretty much the same as when I signed up in 2007 — with minor changes, because everything changes — and that’s why it’s still around 12-ish years later. But WordPress doesn’t listen to its customer base and just makes changes willy-nilly. They are ignoring the basic business practice of retaining their current customer base by chasing “growth”. Because they are constantly “growing and changing” to bring in new customers, they’re alienating the customers they already have and will eventually fail as a business.



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