Sharing My World 3/20/19

Is it better to suspect something (bad or hurtful) and not know or to have your worst fears confirmed by sure knowledge? In my humble opinion, I would rather know than wonder. Because instead of coming up with all kinds of things — good and bad — in my mind, I would absolutely know what’s going on. And even if something is the worst of the worst, it would set my mind at ease because I could then get over whatever it is and start to move on from it. Not knowing is way worse than knowing. For example, I have no idea where my dad is, or if he’s even alive. I’d rather know, even if he was dead.

What makes you laugh aloud? Crack up? Laugh until your sides split? When was the last time you had a great big belly laugh? A lot of things make me laugh. Like I have quite a broad sense of humor. The very last thing that made me laugh was this video. Now I don’t watch Game of Thrones and I had no idea who she was making fun of (or “throwing shade” at as they say these days) until I read the comments, then I looked dude up and watched it again and it was even funnier. I like watching this young lady because she has a unique sense of humor and I find it amusing.

Jenny Nicholson

Her name is Jenny Nicholson, she’s got a unique style. I enjoy watching her. She’s not the only person who makes me laugh, but this video was the last thing that gave me a belly laugh.

picture of a woodpecker

Do you suppose Noah had woodpeckers in the ark? If he did, where did he keep them? Apologies to the Darwinians in the crowd…this is merely for fun, okay? Well, I would hope so, because woodpeckers eat insects that eat wood. 🙂 Given my paltry knowledge of natural science, I would think it might be beneficial to have when one has a craft made of wood. Though he would have been smart to keep them to the decks above water because they will bore holes into the wood for nesting. I could totally be wrong though. I’m not a scientist. Anyway, Noah and his ilk were supposedly only on the boat for forty days and forty nights. Like barely more than a month, so even if he were real and had a boat big enough to hold a bunch of animals, including woodpeckers, it’s not like they were out to sea for that long. Supposedly, he planned this thing with the guidance of his god, so he surely had enough water to last, and with all of those animals on board, he wasn’t going to starve. But back to the question, woodpeckers weren’t gonna destroy the boat, but they would eat the insects that were destroying the boat. So… yeah.

Why is “Charlie” short for “Charles when they are the same number of letters? Charlie is easier to say than Charles… it’s not “short” for Charles, it’s just a nickname. It’s considered… friendlier than Charles, more intimate and fun. There is also Chuck as a nickname for Charles – a la Charlie Brown. One “problem” with having a name like Willow is that there’s no real nickname for it. Same with my birth name, there really was no nickname to go with it. Someone would have to come up with an entirely new name for me to have a nickname. It’s also why I write my name on everything — because my name (now and before) is unusual enough to not be written on any personalized item. ^_^

picture of dryer balls.
generic dryer balls, mine probably won’t look this nice

What happened in your world this past week that made you feel thankful, joyful or grateful? So, this might seem trivial to y’all, but yesterday I went out with Doug to the store to run some errands, we did some shopping and afterwards we went to lunch. I didn’t even get exhausted! We went to the thrift store and bought a sweater for me to unravel to make some felted dryer balls (still in the making). We had some drier balls that we bought a few years ago (the kind pictured here), but over the years, they have disappeared. Now we have one left. So instead of paying, like, $20 for six more, I bought a $2 sweater and rolled my own. Now just need to felt them and voilà! cheap, effective, dryer balls. The trip to the store was nice, but shopping with Doug isn’t quite as enjoyable as shopping alone because Doug — like most men — wants to get out of the store as quickly as possible. I was all for shopping leisurely but he was all, “The sweaters are over there…” Ha! Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to browse in a shop, and it was nice to be able to eat out with Doug again. We haven’t done that in a long time. Normally he will go out and get me lunch and bring it home because I just don’t have the energy to go out to a restaurant. But hey we went out and had a nice lunch. I’m tired today, but yesterday, I was good.

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