So, I just got tired of WordPress and all of its shenanigans. So I’ve switched platforms to Blogger. Way simpler, not trying to be anything it’s not, and since I’m not trying to make a living with my blogging, it works for me. I’ve been testing it out for a little while, and I’m happy with it. If y’all want, you can find me here: Willow’s Corner. Yeah I know the name is not original. Sue me. Looks like I’ll have to log in here to comment on y’all’s blogs, but I won’t be posting here. I’m just sick of WordPress and all of its little annoyances.

Hope to see y’all at my new space.

7 thoughts on “Update

    1. Willow Post author

      Huh, weird, I haven’t gotten any comments over there. Maybe blogger is as buggy as WP and I just don’t know it yet. O_o


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