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Facespace weirdness and other things

Facebook is being strange these days. First off, I posted this video of a chicken stealing a mouse from a cat. I shared it from another post, and the original was removed… Something about violence, I dunno. If people can’t face that violence is a part of nature, well, they just don’t understand life, now do they?

Another thing that Facebook has done is they keep locking me out of my account. Somehow, some way, I botched a setting on my computer that logged me out of everything whenever I closed Chrome, so I had to log in whenever I reopened Chrome (this has since been fixed). But Facebook suddenly started throwing up these “your email is not in our database” messages at me. What the actual fuck, Facebook? Whaddya mean, my email isn’t in your database? I was just logged on, literally, two seconds ago!!! I’m guessing it has to do with my ad blocker. Everything is probably something to do with my ad blocker. grumble grumble. Facespace hates ad blockers as I’ve come to find out. In the past, nearly every difficulty I’ve had boiled down to “we don’t like the fact that you’re not seeing our ads.”  How’s that for a complication? (Haven’t done a daily prompt in a while, figured I’d do one).  It’s either have a mostly ad-free internet, or deal with Facespace’s tantrums.

Bloody drama.

Youtube does it to, but more subtly. Like, they won’t display entire comments if one has an adblocker on, or one might not get notifications of new videos from people they’re subscribed too. Not every video, but a few now and again. And I’ll bet money that the reason I’m not getting notifications for some of y’all’s comments and posts here on WordPress is because I have an ad blocker on.

silly rabbitBut I’ll tell you something, dear reader. I’m not turning it off. I just cannot deal with the inane world that is advertisements. It is the driving factor that made me give up television — the commercials. And don’t tell me about how I can record and skip the commercials. That’s too much trouble for not enough reward (the programs aren’t worth the effort). And this isn’t a new thing for me, dear reader. Oh no. I’ve disliked commercials in general since I was an itty-bitty kid and had to endure all of those cereal commercials during Saturday morning cartoons. Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids! I just liked television more as a kid. Ha!

Anyway, the adblock stays on, and my internet gets more complicated as a result. A complication I brought on myself. I understand, businesses are in the business of making money, and I’m denying them my potential two cents by blocking the ads. Not really, I never click on any ads, so they will rarely make any money from me.

Daily Prompt: Complication

And, just for fun, go read this “list” someone compiled from the twitter hashtag “badstockphotosofmyjob” It’s hysterical. Here’s an example:



Forest Winds (a poem)

light shiftForest winds howl

through the trees of a troubled mind,

shifting leaves of thoughts

left behind long ago.

Scattering words and ideas

that skitter like mice

behind unmarked walls

of a house long forgotten.

Nothing burns here.

No lights. No fire.

No friendly sunlight to mark the way.

A muse long left dormant

lies asleep in the shadows.

She shifts, and mumbles.

Perhaps to waken.

Maybe another day.

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Daily Prompt: Rebel

So, I could totally write about my rebellious body, but y’all are probably tired of hearing about that. ^_^ However, it’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been posting lately. I picked up a bag of dog food and hurt my shoulder. It wasn’t even a heavy bag of dog food.

Also, yesterday, I sat down to do one thing in Fallout 4 — one thing! — and the next thing I knew nine hours had passed. I’m not even joking. Like, I started tweaking things at 8:30am, and I turned off the game at around 5:30pm.  It’s so bizzare when that happens. It doesn’t happen *often* but it does happen.

tdp minecraft

The Devil’s Panties

Anyway, other than me hurting my shoulder (again) and playing video games, not much has been happening. I have an idea for a long-winded post, but it’s still mulling in my brain-pan.  This is kind of an “I’m not dead!” post.

Also, this came to mind with the prompt. I used to love this style of music when I was a teenager.

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It’s all in the accent

man machine

Get in there, Todd! (Google Image)

A long time ago (we’re talking 1980’s here), I had a friend from Texas who was telling me about… something about summer camp… something about a prank… and she uttered this sentence:

“And then we put Todd in the washer…

I was all, “Hold up! Like, why on Earth would you, like, put Todd — whoever that is — in the washer?”

And she was like, “Wha…? Like, I totally never said we put anyone named Todd in the washer. Like, why would we do that?”

And I said, “You totally, fersure, just said: We put Todd in the washer.”

She busted out laughing, “Like oh my gawd I did not! I said We put Tide in the washer. Not Todd! Like, you know, Tide! The laundry soap? Like, totally. I don’t even know a Todd.” And we both laughed at the thought of a Todd in the washer.

And they both sounded the same — Tide and Todd. Of coure, back then, I didn’t know much about accents other than people had them, and I didn’t know much about dialects other than they were a thing. But little conversations like that were what made me study English in all its glory. And I do love languages, especially English. Ah, memories. Just a tidbit, but that’s what the daily prompt brought to mind.

Now that I’m remembering this conversation more clearly. They didn’t put Tide in the washer, they put it in the air conditioner… to make bubbles or something. Y’all will have to forgive my memory. It’s been thirty years since I’ve had this conversation. ^_^

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Daily Prompt: Warning

So these guys have become regular visitors to my yard now, but I still like watching them.  It’s always been kind of a dream of mine to have a poultry yard, for eggs and maybe meat — not for profit but to have eggs and meat and to have birds about. Because I like birds. And I like eggs, and I like eating chicken and turkey. And yes, I know that there are some people who can’t wrap their minds around the concept of both liking the animal and enjoying the taste of the animal, but what can I say? I can’t explain it to you if you’re one of them. So anyway these guys have become regular visitors to our yard and they just waddle around, digging up bugs (and maybe mice and voles) and generally doing this whenever I watch them:

tom turkeys

Back off, human!

That there is a warning for me to back off. hahaha. I took this from the comfort of my desk because they’ll waddle off if I go outside, but I think it’s funny that they just get all puffy whenever they see me from the window. Well they get all puffy whenever the wind blows funny. I know that they’re also full feather because it’s mating season — I never thought I’d see the day when I’d look up and see turkeys mating in my driveway, but well… that day came and went the other day. Ha! Life is strange sometimes.  These guys have been around so much that the dogs have started to ignore them — for the most part. Poptart went out this morning to give them his own warning:

poptart and turkeys

Get off my lawn!

Don’t worry, dear reader, that fence is seven feet tall. Those turkeys would really have to want to get at little Poptart. They’re content to fluff their feathers at him. And he can run fast. He was a stray before we got him. He’s a scrappy little guy. But we still have the fence, because he is a *little* guy and those turkeys (not to mention a lot of other critters in the area) could do him harm, and he’s too scrappy for his own good.

So anyway, that’s what popped into mind when I saw this prompt. Probably because I was watching the turkeys wander about on my lawn. I really don’t mind them at all. I think that they’re my neighbor’s but I honestly don’t know. They might be wild at this point as much as they wander around. There are two toms and three jennies. They come to my property every morning and most afternoons. Like I said, they’re good for eating insects and small animals so I honestly don’t mind. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to get poultry in the first place — pest control. and to help keep the vegetation under control.  One last warning before I go.

tom turkey

Whatchyou looking at?

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Daily Prompt: Micro

Micro-transactions are a hot button topic amongst people who play video games. The following video is a lighthearted take on them. Me? I’ll pay once for a video game, and that’s it. If they charge me anything else, I’m not playing that game anymore. And if a video game advertises itself as ‘free’ but is only free to a certain level, well I guess I’m not playing past that level, am I? Because fuck micro-transactions.

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