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High School Questions

So I got these questions from Barbara at Teleportingweena, here are her answers, go check them out. So, when answering these questions, we’re supposed to think about our our senior year in High School. The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be! But here’s the problem with that, I dropped out of high school just after my junior year because I got married in the summer between my junior year and senior year. So I’m still gonna answer them, but with my junior year instead. Because why not?

Did you know your current significant other? Nope, not even close. I lived in California during my high school years and my current husband lived in New Mexico. He’s also two years younger than me so he was probably in middle school while I was a junior in high school. Sounds weird now, because I would have never dated a middle schooler, but in our fifties, a two year difference is nothing noteworthy. 🙂

Make and year of car? Believe it or not, there weren’t many people who had cars in our school. We went to the poorer school in our city — there were two high schools (if you didn’t count the Catholic schools), one for the upper middle class and one for us poorer folk and the Military brats (not mutually exclusive). So anyway, what I’m trying to say is… most of the students at my school, including myself and most of my friends, didn’t have cars.

What kind of job? I didn’t work during high school unless you count babysitting. I did quite a lot of babysitting.

Where did you live? As I mentioned above, I lived in California. Since I was under 18, I resided with my parents and siblings.

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Were you popular? Define popular… I was well recognized because my sister and I were identical twins and we were the only set of identical twins on campus, so people knew who we were. I also hung out with the “stoner” and “misfit” crowds so people knew who I was by association. Did I have a lot of friends? Eh, I had a group of friends, but we did not make up a significant percentage of the school’s population. I was well known and for the most part liked, but I wasn’t popular in the traditional sense of the word.

Were you in choir? Yeah, I was in both choir and drama throughout my junior and high school years.

Ever get suspended from school? Not in high school. ^_^

If you could, would you go back? Probably not to that specific school especially if I couldn’t go back to that specific time. The 80’s were a unique time and place. I quite enjoyed my days in high school, only because I enjoy school. I like college too. I just like learning in general. I would be a professional student if I could afford it. Like I’d go to school all day every day if I had the funds for it. But alas and alack, colleges want money from me to attend their hallowed halls.

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Still talk to the person that you went to prom with? You assume that I went to the prom, question asker. Not everyone did. The prom is an expensive thing that not everyone can afford. Also, my mother refused to allow us to waste money on such frivolous things as the prom. Buy a dress that we’ll only wear once? I don’t think so. Plus, “Kids do drugs and have sex at these things you know!” Said my mom to us when we asked about going. I mean, come on, I had to borrow my wedding dress when I got married to my first husband (age 17) or I would have gotten married in jeans or something. So yeah, didn’t attend the prom, or any other school dance.

Did you skip school? All the time.

Go to all the football games? I enjoy football, but again my mom wouldn’t let us spend her money on such things as football games, but if I had my own money, I could freely buy tickets to the game — if I could find my way there and back. Which means they had to be home games and they couldn’t be later than the buses ran. Or I had to find a date with a car. 🙂 So yeah, some games but not many of them.

Favorite subject? Anything that wasn’t Math. Ha! Bet that surprises people who thought I’d say “English.” I did enjoy English, but it wasn’t my favorite subject, just the easiest one. English has always come pretty easy to me, like whenever they tested me, I’d been two or three grades ahead in English and one grade or so behind in Math, and about average in everything else. So English class was usually quite boring to me, and Math class was usually frustrating as hell. So yeah, I liked the classes that weren’t Math, but was okay with English.

Do you still have your yearbooks? Yearbooks were another thing my mom didn’t dean to waste her money on. I have two yearbooks from all the years we spent in school. One from Junior High and one from my junior year in High School. I’m pretty sure I have both around here somewhere.

Did you follow the career path you planned? Know what I wanted to do when I got out of high school? Be a drifter. A hobo… a gypsy if you will. Travel from place to place and get what work I could. And yeah, my life pretty much worked out like that. 🙂 I’m getting old now and I’m married to a man who doesn’t do the whole traveling thing as well as I do, so… But until now, that’s the path I set out for myself and that’s the path I followed. It wasn’t a path to a million dollars, but it isn’t about getting the most toys, it’s about achieving inner peace. Was I peaceful in my travels? Not really, but I know for certain I would have been more unhappy running the rat race in some corporate office trying to achieve a goal I didn’t set for myself.

Did you have a class ring? My school probably did have class rings. I’m pretty sure I remember the forms. But I don’t wear jewelry and I don’t lug around things I cannot use, so I never bought one.

Still close with your best friend? I had three close friends in my junior year. One got mad at me for marrying my first husband and never spoke to me again. The other two and I stayed in touch for quite a long time despite the three of us moving to other parts of the country and then the world. Margaret and I drifted apart after she got married and her husband started abusing her. She couldn’t handle the shame and stigma involved even though I never judged her one bit… She divorced that scumbag and dropped off the face of the Earth. Vic and I stayed in touch until about a year ago when we just kind of… drifted apart again. He lives in Japan with his wife and three kids. Life and distance just has a way of erasing ties sometimes. It happens.

Who was your favorite teacher? I totally don’t remember the names of my teachers from high school. Even the choir/drama teacher who turned out to be a total narcissistic asshole and failed me for the year in both classes because I wounded his delicate pride. I had A’s up to the last semester and he and I got into a brief confrontation about something trivial and he flat out failed me in both classes for the year. Luckily I had good grades for my other classes or I would have failed my junior year in high school, as it was, I got a C average. Asshole.

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I totally rocked this…

What was your style? It was the 1980’s, my style was… mercurial. It changed a lot. ^_^ I never really had a style. I wore what I always wear, whatever’s comfortable. So long as it looks good on me. As always, I liked long skirts and big shirts. But more often than not, it was jeans and a t-shirt because jeans and t-shirts are comfortable and you just cannot go wrong with them. You know?

Favorite shoes? The ones on my feet.

Favorite music? I was totally into New Age music which was what a lot of people called “Punk Rock Lite” I liked some Punk Rock, but most of it was too jagged and raw for my tastes. I liked music like Billy Idol and Cyndi Lauper and Culture Club as well as a bunch of others. 🙂 I also liked older music from my mom’s time, the stuff she always had playing, but for the stuff I listened to with my friends it was the stuff playing on the radio.

I could never have this hair Google image search

High school Hair? Pretty much what it is now. I have straight, thin hair. It doesn’t hold a curl, like, at all. I’ve tried to perm it many times. It doesn’t work. And no hair spray or other product will hold it in place. Though that’s partially my fault too because I tend to touch my hair a lot, so there’s that. I just just combed it and either pulled it back or not. Though I am guilty of having my pony tail on one side of my head or the other… The hair pictured was popular in the 80’s, and I totally wanted it, but it was never meant to be for me. I curled my hair and fluffed it up and used all the product in the world on it. It looked awesome! For about twenty minutes, then it was as flat and straight as always.

What kind of cologne/perfume? No specific perfume. I used a lot of store samples or whatever came in the mail as sample or if the Avon lady left samples I liked. I like spicy scents more than flowery scents so yeah, I’d use those.

How old when graduated? I never graduated. I got my GED about five years after I dropped out… I think. It had to be five years after, because I had all of my kids and I had four kids in four years, and I we moved back to California when the youngest was older than a baby. Or maybe I got it between kid three and four? I don’t remember. It didn’t take long to get my GED… three tests, six hours, and it was done.

Did you play a sport? I did not.

playing with Photoshop

I’m going through some of my old pictures and I came across this old one of my dog Cocoa…

and I thought… I wonder what I can do with this? My original thought was just to get the stains out of the carpet, which is easy enough in Photoshop really. Not in real life unfortunately… The stains, btw, dear reader, are from the dog pictured. He drinks water too quickly then vomits up his last slurp. He’s done that since we’ve adopted him. Warm water, cold water, cool water… metal dish, plastic dish, ceramic dish… it doesn’t matter. He does it all of the time. We have wet spots everywhere, but hey, at least it’s just water. Anyway, this is the picture I ended up with.

Thought I’d share.

Oh, and for those of you who just can’t stand this sort of thing. Another picture I ran across today. I took it a long time ago while Doug and I were waiting for seats at a restaurant in New Mexico. I can’t remember which restaurant, but I knew this picture would just drive some friends of mine crazy. I’d forgotten all about it until going through old files. Enjoy!

Captcha needed, I think

So yeah, I get the feeling that there’s an AI here on WordPress. One who has their own site, who comments on not just my blog posts but blog posts of other people whom I follow as well. Now, it could be that this person just has… unusual language skills and not so great communication skills. And maybe it’s just a coincidence that this person tends to like posts almost immediately after they’re posted — long before there’s time to read said posts — and then follows soon after with vague comments that kind of make sense but sometimes are in the uncanny valley area.

Image result for prove you're human

So, I’m not pointing any fingers, because I could totally be wrong about this, but it’s just… interesting if it’s true. Like, if there is an AI on WordPress with their own site who comments on our posts, what’s the purpose? Is it a social experiment? Is it someone trying something just for the fun of it? AI’s don’t spring into existence on their own. They have to be programmed to do what they do. It doesn’t bother me if I’m right… not too much anyway. I just wonder what’s behind the smokescreen. That’s the way my mind works.

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Snow continues

For those of you who live in snowy realms, this might not be a big deal, but the last time they had snow like this around here, my kids where still kids — 1996 according to the locals on Facespace. And it’s still coming down. According to the forecast, it should turn to rain by this afternoon, and the whole area is under a flood warning because all that snow has to go somewhere…

So here is a picture of my front yard this morning:

A reminder, this was my front yard yesterday:

Those wooden stakes we have in the ground to keep the dogs from digging are completely covered up. Another picture, here is a picture of our security camera feed from this morning:

edited in Photoshop of course

Doug’s car (the blue one…) is practically buried. For reference, this was yesterday morning:

So, we’re not going anywhere today. So long as the power stays on and the roof holds out, we’ll be okay. Like I said, it’s supposed to turn to rain… um an hour ago. hahahahaha! We’ll see. I’m not looking forward to any potential floods. But I’m not borrowing trouble. Have fun y’all. I’m gonna make myself a cup of coffee and watch videos.

Snowy Pictures

So, it’s been snowing here lately. It doesn’t snow here a lot, so there’s been a lot of this stuff on my facespace:

That and everything is closed… well, stores and restaurants are open, but they close early. School is closed, and that’s good because the roads are not safe. A lot of people here honestly do not know how to drive in the snow because they are transplants from places that have no snow and because we don’t really have snow a lot here. To give y’all an idea of how much snow we’ve gotten so far, here’s a picture of our front yard:

Willow Prescott's portrait.

So, I’ve been messing around in Photoshop because I take pictures with my phone and the original pictures are huge. But I copied and pasted the above from my Facespace so that should be okay… Still, it looks kind of… drab. Don’t you think? Here’s a Photoshopped version:

Basically all I did was correct the lens warp, bring out the white (because snow), add a blue filter, and (of course) crop it a bit. Still, a bit of fiddling and it looks pretty nice. Anyway, as an aside, I’m still coughing up a lung… I went to the doctor on Friday (before the snow started) and he says I have a sinus infection. He doesn’t know why I’m coughing, but I do have a sinus infection. So I have antibiotics for that. It’s only been a day. Since Doug’s been laid off, I don’t know if I’ll have the insurance to see the specialist the doctor wants me to see. But hey, at least my sinuses will clear up… hopefully. I’ll see another specialist eventually — maybe. I so don’t want jump on that merry-go-round again.

So anyway, back to the snow… here are a few more pictures. If you saw them on my facespace, you’ll notice that I prettied them up a bit. It’s something to do. 🙂 I’m especially proud of the edits to the car picture: I think I made it look less like a picture of a picture — it’s a picture of my security camera feed.

Remember, y’all, there’s more storm forecast for tonight and “the big storm” isn’t forecast until tomorrow. This is more snow than this area has seen in a long time. And we got to be here for it. ^_^

And, I’m out of energy right now. I’m tired. Coughing makes me tired. Hurts my chest too. Blah. Doug and I are going to hunker down and wait out the storm. Catch y’all on the flip side.

You’re not paranoid

if it’s true. 😛

Related image

So do me a favor, dear reader. Take out your phone, and type in the letters r-i-s-s-o… and see what you get. I’ll bet you money it’s not “Rizzo from Grease.” I’ll put Money on the barrelhead that’s not what you get when you type in those letters. That’s how sure I am. But that’s the search results I got yesterday when I was trying to remember (aloud) who Stockard Channing was. I was all, “You know, that woman who played Rizzo in Grease. Let me look it up.” And I took out my phone and typed r-i-s-s-o and up popped “Rizzo from Grease” as the first (second, and third) option for r-i-s-s-o. Now, I’m telling you, dear reader, that should not have been the first thing to pop up in a Google search for those letters. I can think of half a dozen of other things, like rissoto recipes with risotto spelled wrong. Or, what I got on this computer when I tried it a moment ago — Risso’s Dolphins, Risso Restaurant, Risso Car Service… and so on. But not (not even into page three) Rizzo from Grease. Doug can call me paranoid all he wants, but — he’s wrong!

I think, and you can call me paranoid too, but I think that Google (and Facebook, and Amazon, and whoever) is listening in on our conversations. When weird shit like that keeps happening — and it’s totally *not* the first time it’s happened, what else am I supposed to think? And it doesn’t just happen on my phone. It totally happens on my computer too. Doug and I will have a conversation about some off the wall thing like Underwater Breathing Equipment (neither of us Scuba dives) and I’ll go to look something up and there will totally be adverts for Scuba equipment all over the place. You can’t convince me *they* are not listening, even if it’s passively through our stuff. Here’s an article that backs me up. Vice article Though this article says… not so much. The second article says we’re still being targeted through our searches and purchases but not through our conversations — though they only monitored one conversation, not exactly a scientific study. You know?

I don’t think, dear reader, that there’s a little man in a van listening in on every conversation everywhere. I’m not that paranoid, and there aren’t enough little men to go around, but I totally think that our AI is advanced enough to catch words and phrases and adjust the search engines and adverts accordingly. I dunno whether to admire the advancement or be spooked about it. I really don’t. I honestly don’t have enough money to steal, and my credit is crap, so my identity isn’t worth stealing either, but I still like my privacy. That’s why I have paper over my webcam and my phone isn’t attached to my hip. Anyway, that was on my mind today. Thought I’d get it off my chest.