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Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge — Blue and Yellow

So, I normally don’t do Cee’s fun Photo Challenge, but I saw the prompt (blue and yellow) and this screenshot came to mind:

Okay, it’s a bit muted, but play around with the curves and levels and the yellow on the roofs of the houses will really pop against the ice blue of the mountains…

Either way, it’s blue and yellow… It’s not exactly a photo, but I honestly just don’t have the energy to go out and take pictures. But as I said to someone not to long ago, I can walk forever in Skyrim. Enjoy.

Inspired by Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Cee’s B&W Photo Thingie

I haven’t done one of these in a while for… reasons. But I dusted off Photoshop and thought I’d give it a go this week. I also dusted off this photo for this week’s theme which is Anything Related to Music. Long time readers might remember this screenshot as one of my early attempts at Photoshop. The original picture had a dude in it standing over the lady playing the lute and I thought it would be fun to see if I could remove him from the picture. You can view the original screenshot if you’re interested here. I made a lot of mistakes with that picture, but I was still way new to Photoshop and I think I did a good job all things considering. I’m still learning, to tell y’all the truth, but I’ve learned a bit more since then.

Anyway, on to today’s theme. I pulled up the altered picture and fussed around with it a bit. I was playing as a bard in Skyrim, which is why my player character has a lute in the first place. But Skyrim is a dangerous place, so of course she has arrows and a bow. 🙂 Anyway, the altered picture in color:

So I fussed a bit and messed with the lighting and got a good monochrome picture out of it here:

Then I thought… something looks off. It’s way too bright (I wanted her to be in the spotlight because there’s actually a fire in front of her.) And it hit me, she’s not casting a shadow, and neither is the pole behind her. So I searched for how to make shadows online and this is my first attempt at creating shadows in Photoshop.

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time.

Via Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Cee’s Black & White Photo Thingie

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these — I’ve been tired y’all. Just tired.  I meant to do one last week, but just… didn’t.  Anyway, the theme this week is Anything that is Hot and / or Cold which works out for me because I kind of had this screen shot in mind for last week which was “field” and this is kind of a field of ice… but it fits better for this theme. 🙂

Anyway, as most of y’all know, I usually use screenshot from my Skyrim game for these. As is the case with most video games, one reaches a point where the player character just cannot go any further.  The edge of the world.  This screenshot is taken at one such place in Skyrim. The edge of this map stops in the water, and there’s ice all around, I can bring my character to one point and then I will hit an invisible wall and have to turn back.  In the game, there’s a blue filter that looks pretty awesome in game, but in the screenshot… not so much. Here’s the original screenshot: 

I mean, it still looks pretty and all, but you can barely see the College of Winterhold and the statue of Azura in the distance because of the blue filter. Like I said, it looks pretty awesome in game. It just doesn’t translate well into a screenshot. A few minutes fiddling around in Photoshop though, and it looks as well as it did in game: 

With a black and white filter of course, and some other stuff to bring out the contrast. Skyrim really is a beautiful game. I play it because it’s so beautiful.  I don’t have anything hot to share, but I hope you enjoyed this picture. 


Via Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Cee’s Black & White Photo thingie

Okay, let me see if I can figure out how to do this new editor with adding media…  The theme this week is “flowing water”, and as anyone who’s followed me for any length of time knows, I usually pull things from my Skyrim game.  And let me tell you, dear reader, one of the reasons why I still play Skyrim is because it is a beautiful game.  And the remastered edition improved the water a lot from the classic edition. Add mods that improve the water even more, and the game becomes downright breathtaking at times. I honestly don’t even care about the combat most of the time. I walk around just to look at how beautiful it is. So anyway, I know I have screenshots of waterfalls but I found these two pictures first… and honestly, I’m tired, so y’all will just have to make do with them. ^_^

Here’s the first: 

So I left the characters in color because the process of making them monochrome kind of blended them into the background.  Here’s the original: 

The next one is also from Skyrim, a different area of course. 🙂 The swans and ducks are added by a mod. Up close they look a little funky, but from far away, they look very peaceful and calming. This mod also adds peacocks (not pictured)  and I love that. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll put the original first then the black and white. 

And here’s the black and white: 


Just as an aside: I’m not unhappy with this new editor, but it’s going to take some getting used to. My first reaction was: This is awful, what the actual fuck?  But I got used to it pretty quick. It’s actually interesting.  The only thing I don’t really like is I can’t find where to change the text color, and that’s annoying.

Via Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Cee’s B&W Photo Thingie

This week’s theme is any kind of tables or chairs and while I was rummaging through my files looking for a picture to convert to black and white, I came across this one from my wedding:


And I was all, “I wonder what that would look like in black and white?   So I slapped a monochrome filter on the picture and it looked… okay.  But then I fiddled around with it a bit more, played with the lighting, the curves, the levels, &c… and I came up with this:

tables bnw

Not too bad if I do say so myself. And that’s about all I have the energy for.  I was feeling better for a few days, but then BAM! I’m sick again. Can’t move without coughing, and my throat feels like I’m breathing glass. Blah. At least today I don’t have a headache. However, it’s taken me about twenty minutes to write this stupid post because I have misspelled every. frickin’. word so far (including “far”).  grumble grumble.


Cee’s B&W Photo Thingie

With all the posting I’m doing today, y’all aren’t gonna believe I’m sick… ^_^ but I am… Photoshop doesn’t take much brainpower, so it’s the perfect thing to do while I’m sitting here… breathing. :-/

Anyway, I was going through my screenshots and I came upon this picture:

snowy stairs original

Since this week’s theme is Steps: Indoors or Outdoors it seemed like a good shot for me to submit for this week’s challenge.  Those, dear reader, are part of the “7,000 steps” from Skyrim. One must walk up those steps to get to High Hrothgar to talk to the old guys up there and learn the Way of the Voice.  You don’t really… You just need to talk to them once — maybe twice.  I’ve played this game for thousands of hours, and I hardly speak to the Greybeards at all — that’s what the old guys are called — Greybeards. Anyway, there are only about 700 some odd steps and not 7,000, but who’s counting? Not me. That’s fersure. I left that to someone else. Either way, it’s pretty up there. But enough about Skyrim, here’s what I came up with for the picture:

snowy stairs

Since there wasn’t a whole lot of color in the picture to begin with, making it monochrome wasn’t a challenge. What was a challenge was the glaring white spot in the lower right hand corner of the original picture (not present in the B&W picture). It’s basically a bit of mountain that’s covered in snow, but it honestly looks like empty space. And once the picture was run through a black and white filter, it’s a big, huge, glaring white space… Way too distracting. I’m pretty awful so far at luminosity masks. So I just added stuff to that spot using the clone stamp tool in Photoshop until it wasn’t an ugly, empty space anymore. I think I blended it in enough so it looks natural. Though now that I look at it, perhaps more shadow… Oh well. Then I added a gradient layer behind the whole thing to make the mountains pop a little bit from behind the cloud cover, and gave it a very very light green tone. All in all, I’m happy with it.

Cee’s B&W Photo Thingie

This week’s topic is Things Made Out of Plastic… As anyone who follows me knows, I usually post stuff from my Skyrim game, but alas and alack, there isn’t much made out of plastic in Skyrim.  Luckily for me, I started playing Fallout 4 again recently and there’s tons of stuff made of plastic in the Fallout universe.

It seems the end of the world as they knew it happened right before Halloween. And in the world of Fallout, stuff was build to last, because these Halloween decorations have been patiently sitting around for 200 and some odd years just waiting for someone to take a picture of them! Don’t get me started, dear reader, about the improbability of things that happen in the Fallout universe. Just don’t… ^_^

So anyway, here’s the original screenshot of a window with Halloween banners in it and a plastic pumpkin. The candles look pretty plastic too, but they’re meant to be real wax.

pumpkin window original

Not very exciting, I know… but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  Anyway. It’s always bugged me that the candles in this house are separated from wax puddles. Like how are they standing on their own? That doesn’t even make sense. So I moved them over to line them up, and added a wax puddle to the candle that didn’t have one. Then I messed with the lighting so it seems as though the candles are giving off light and added some fake flames and smoke to them with a free brush I downloaded from brusheezy. I could have added real looking flames, but yeah, I don’t have the energy for that. And then I gave the whole thing vintage, monochrome feel.

pumpkin window bnw

And that’s it.  Just a little picture of a plastic pumpkin in a window — with candles… and stuff. 🙂 Enjoy!