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Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge — Blue and Yellow

So, I normally don’t do Cee’s fun Photo Challenge, but I saw the prompt (blue and yellow) and this screenshot came to mind:

Okay, it’s a bit muted, but play around with the curves and levels and the yellow on the roofs of the houses will really pop against the ice blue of the mountains…

Either way, it’s blue and yellow… It’s not exactly a photo, but I honestly just don’t have the energy to go out and take pictures. But as I said to someone not to long ago, I can walk forever in Skyrim. Enjoy.

Inspired by Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Another picture… :)

When one cannot do much, one has to do something to pass the time. Right now, that thing for me is Photoshop. And when I am learning something new, I want to trot it out and say, “See this thing I did? Look at it!” Because I’m as human as the next person. So here’s my latest attempt at messing with lighting and shadows in Photoshop. This screenshot was taken at around the same time and in the same place as the last one (you’ll recognize the shelter she’s standing in). I added rain, made things darker and really didn’t have to fuss too much with the lighting because once I made the outside darker, it really lit up the inside of the shelter a lot. Shadows… Shadows are another thing altogether. But I think I’m getting the hang of them… They still don’t look totally realistic, but better than the last try at it I think. 🙂

Anyway — Look at this thing I did, dear reader! hehehehe

Original picture:

and Photoshopped:

As you can see, I also added rain, because it was pouring buckets outside, but for some reason, it didn’t show it in front of my character… you can kind of see it behind the character and somewhat in front of her in the original, but honestly, it was way worse than it appears in the original picture. I probably made it a bit too dark, but after a few hours of fussing, I’m totally done with it. I actually like the results. I think it turned out kinda neat. Anyway, hope you enjoyed.


That’s what I’m calling this screenshot that I’ve been working on for the past few hours. 🙂 Yes, dear reader, I’m shoving another Photoshop thingie in your face. hehehehe. It passes the time, and I don’t really have anyone else to show it to, so it falls to you, dear reader to look at them and say, “Yes, Willow, it’s very nice.” or not look at them and wait until I find something else to wile the time away. 😛

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before I’m trying to figure out lighting and shadows in Photoshop. I took this screenshot the other day and thought it would be a good one to mess around with because of the different lights and it just, I dunno looks interesting.

So I made the focal point the torch in her hand and tried to tone down the light from the outside (it’s raining after all). That’s one of the few things that drives me batty about Skyrim, it could be pouring down rain but you will still see the sun streaming from the sky — godrays and all. Nice, crisp shadows everywhere! Even though there’s thunder and lightning right above you and clouds filling the sky. Maybe it’s an engine limitation, but it’s still annoying. Not annoying enough to quit playing but it does make me twitch. ^_^ Anyway, I’ve been fussing with this picture for a while now and this is what I came up with. I don’t think I have her shadow falling in quite the right way — it should be more behind her than it is… but I just couldn’t make it behave the way I wanted it to. I’m sick, y’all. I did the best I could. ^_^

Anyway, I thought I’d share. It’s fun learning and I’ll get better at this shadow thing. Right now I only know one way to make shadows, but I’m sure there’s others. There’s always more than one way. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed.

A little sumthin’

So, right now, moving is difficult because it requires breathing, and breathing isn’t something that’s working for me right now. So long as I keep still, I’m okay — a little wheezy, but okay. If I get up and move around, well, things get a little more complicated. So, here I sit. let me tell you something, dear reader, sitting is boring. But I do things to pass the time. Things like play video games (as some of y’all might know already). And my go-to video game is usually Skyrim because Skyrim is god-damned beautiful. And because it’s so gosh-darned beautiful, I take a lot of “pictures” when I’m wandering around the virtual world of Skyrim.

Of course, screenshots — the pictures I take in game — just don’t look all that great when I look at them after I quit the game. It’s like when you take a picture of the moon with a point and shoot camera. It just doesn’t look quite the same as it did through the viewfinder, right? It’s a good thing we have this little thing called Photoshop. I know there are free programs out there, but I have an indulgent husband who lets me play with Photoshop because he knows I have nothing but time on my hands. And when it comes down to it, I could have a lot more expensive hobbies. You know?

So anyway, I said all of that so I could just show off some more of my Photoshop shenanigans. I dunno, it just struck me as interesting that these two screenshots came from the same day and the same game. This first one is a snowy camp where me and my companion wiped out a bunch of bandits who attacked us. I just thought it looked kind of peaceful — even though it’s a bandit camp and you’d never know that just behind my character is a pile of corpses. ^_^ Before and after:

Before Photoshop

I didn’t have to add any snow or anything, it was already there. I mostly took the blue filter off and fussed with the lighting a bit. It’s meant to be early morning so it’s not supposed to look as dark as it does. I was trying to go for a hint of darkness…

After Photoshop

This next one was taken on the same day in a dungeon not too far from this camp — believe it or not, Skyrim really isn’t that big, one can walk across it in about two or three in game days (if you don’t stop for sleep). Though time is a little fussy when you’re talking game times. I think someone worked it out to be about the size of Alaska, but I forget where and when I read that. Still, as a kingdom with nine “holds” that’s not that big when it comes down to it. But I digress, my point is nothing is really “that far” from anything else in Skyrim — relatively speaking. ^_^

Back to business… the second screenshot before and after:

So, I actually made this darker because it’s supposed to be dark in dungeons (I had my torch out and that made it artificially bright). I removed the dead ghost — the bright blue glowing thing in the left corridor — and fussed with the lighting. One of the things I’ve been working on in Photoshop is trying to manipulate lighting. It’s kind of interesting to see what can be done just by messing with the lights.

Looking at this though. I think I might fuss with it again later and see if I can fix the shadows. Because when you fuss with the lighting, it does change the shadows. And that kinda makes things look… off somehow. Like, the main lighting is coming from the big fire atop the face statue… there should be more shadows on the face now. and maybe on the rock piles. I dunno. I’ll look at it again tomorrow. Anyway, just thought I’d share. Hope you enjoyed.

Cee’s B&W Photo Thingie

I haven’t done one of these in a while for… reasons. But I dusted off Photoshop and thought I’d give it a go this week. I also dusted off this photo for this week’s theme which is Anything Related to Music. Long time readers might remember this screenshot as one of my early attempts at Photoshop. The original picture had a dude in it standing over the lady playing the lute and I thought it would be fun to see if I could remove him from the picture. You can view the original screenshot if you’re interested here. I made a lot of mistakes with that picture, but I was still way new to Photoshop and I think I did a good job all things considering. I’m still learning, to tell y’all the truth, but I’ve learned a bit more since then.

Anyway, on to today’s theme. I pulled up the altered picture and fussed around with it a bit. I was playing as a bard in Skyrim, which is why my player character has a lute in the first place. But Skyrim is a dangerous place, so of course she has arrows and a bow. 🙂 Anyway, the altered picture in color:

So I fussed a bit and messed with the lighting and got a good monochrome picture out of it here:

Then I thought… something looks off. It’s way too bright (I wanted her to be in the spotlight because there’s actually a fire in front of her.) And it hit me, she’s not casting a shadow, and neither is the pole behind her. So I searched for how to make shadows online and this is my first attempt at creating shadows in Photoshop.

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time.

Via Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Small pleasures

So, while I’m sitting here, trying not to put weight on my backside (for reasons outlined in my last post), I’ve been playing video games. Because, well, why not? As anyone who’s been around this blog for any length of time knows. I like to play Skyrim. I’ve also been playing (and watching other people play) a new-er game called Parkitect. It’s way interesting — to me — to watch other people create things. I’ve sat and watched like, two hour videos of people building entire parks and have been in awe at their creativity. I’ve had this game for weeks and I’m still fussing with the controls. >_< Oh, I still enjoy the game, but I’m not used to playing with a keyboard and mouse. I like my controller, so games that require a keyboard and mouse get very frustrating for me. Which is why I don’t build mods for Skyrim as much as I’d like to… one needs the keyboard and mouse in the Creation Kit… it’s frustrating. But I digress.

Anyway, I was playing Skyrim yesterday and I ran across one of the many Easter Eggs in the game. An Easter Egg in a game, for those who don’t know, is a little surprise that developers put in for players to stumble across. They don’t add anything valuable per se, but they’re fun to find. Skyrim is full of them. The one I found yesterday (for the first time in over 1800 hours of playing I might add) is the Lady of the Lake, who can be found in Whiterun hold. Now I don’t actually go looking for these Easter Eggs because I want to find them organically, because I think it’s neat to run across them and think, “What is that doing here?”. Anyway, I took a screenshot (a few actually, but this is the one I like the best)

It’s really just a skeleton arm and hand holding an ordinary steel sword, but the implication is there that this is the legendary Lady of the Lake. After seeing this picture, I got inspired to download Photoshop again and make it a bit more dramatic. Because doesn’t it call for some drama to have a strange woman lying in ponds distributing swords? ^_^ So yay! y’all get to sit through my Photoshop stuff again!

Okay, it doesn’t look a whole lot different, but I thought that the lighting at least should be on the sword, and that’s what I did. ^_^ Don’t ask my why the pond has waves. All of the water in Skyrim Special Edition is suddenly wavy. There’s a mod that fixes this, but I haven’t downloaded it.

Anyway, that’s a small thing that made me smile yesterday and I thought I would share it with y’all. It’s little things like this that keep me playing Skyrim. Like I mentioned before, I’ve been playing it for over 1800 hours, and I still haven’t seen everything there is to see. One day I’ll find another game like it, but so far? I like Skyrim.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Thingie

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these — I’ve been tired y’all. Just tired.  I meant to do one last week, but just… didn’t.  Anyway, the theme this week is Anything that is Hot and / or Cold which works out for me because I kind of had this screen shot in mind for last week which was “field” and this is kind of a field of ice… but it fits better for this theme. 🙂

Anyway, as most of y’all know, I usually use screenshot from my Skyrim game for these. As is the case with most video games, one reaches a point where the player character just cannot go any further.  The edge of the world.  This screenshot is taken at one such place in Skyrim. The edge of this map stops in the water, and there’s ice all around, I can bring my character to one point and then I will hit an invisible wall and have to turn back.  In the game, there’s a blue filter that looks pretty awesome in game, but in the screenshot… not so much. Here’s the original screenshot: 

I mean, it still looks pretty and all, but you can barely see the College of Winterhold and the statue of Azura in the distance because of the blue filter. Like I said, it looks pretty awesome in game. It just doesn’t translate well into a screenshot. A few minutes fiddling around in Photoshop though, and it looks as well as it did in game: 

With a black and white filter of course, and some other stuff to bring out the contrast. Skyrim really is a beautiful game. I play it because it’s so beautiful.  I don’t have anything hot to share, but I hope you enjoyed this picture. 


Via Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge