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playing with Photoshop

I’m going through some of my old pictures and I came across this old one of my dog Cocoa…

and I thought… I wonder what I can do with this? My original thought was just to get the stains out of the carpet, which is easy enough in Photoshop really. Not in real life unfortunately… The stains, btw, dear reader, are from the dog pictured. He drinks water too quickly then vomits up his last slurp. He’s done that since we’ve adopted him. Warm water, cold water, cool water… metal dish, plastic dish, ceramic dish… it doesn’t matter. He does it all of the time. We have wet spots everywhere, but hey, at least it’s just water. Anyway, this is the picture I ended up with.

Thought I’d share.

Oh, and for those of you who just can’t stand this sort of thing. Another picture I ran across today. I took it a long time ago while Doug and I were waiting for seats at a restaurant in New Mexico. I can’t remember which restaurant, but I knew this picture would just drive some friends of mine crazy. I’d forgotten all about it until going through old files. Enjoy!

Messing with Photoshop

So, I’m kinda proud of this one, so of course I have to show it off to y’all. I’m still trying to figure out shadows and lighting, and I’ve got a long way to go, but unless I start over with this one, well, this is as good at it gets for this particular picture.

So, here is the original screenshot:

Original Screenshot

And it’s not a bad picture, but I just wanted to make it more… realistic I guess. As realistic as one can get with a cat-person and an elf. But what can you do? I mean, the scene is supposed to be taking place in the evening and the fire should be the main source of light. And when I glanced at it, I noticed it that there aren’t any shadows at all on the people by the fire. Which isn’t the game’s fault, the game engine can’t dynamically render shadows for light that wasn’t there a moment ago. I guess this is also because there appear to be several light sources — for some reason. So here’s what I came up with…


So I totally cropped it and added shadows to each person. Y’all have to realize I’m still learning about shadows, so I’m not great at the whole shadow thing yet, but I think I did an okay job with it. Then I added smoke over the fire. I don’t know if the change in lighting is noticeable here, but I tried to tone down the glare on the fog and waterfall. Anyway, thought I’d show off, I mean this is what I’ve been doing these days, so I figure I’d show y’all.

About hope…

Melanie over at Sparks from a combustible mind nominated me for this “quote” challenge. I’m a good sport. I’ll play. Kind of. I’m not the nominating type. Especially since I don’t actually follow that many people, sorry y’all, I just don’t have the energy to actively follow people on social media. However, if you want to take part, consider yourself nominated.

So anyway, here’s the deal, I’m supposed to post some quotes about the topic of the day which is “Hope” and then nominate people, also thank the person who nominated me.

Iron Man Eye Roll GIF

Thanks a lot, Melanie. ūüėõ

Just kidding ^_^

Mostly. I mean, I’m okay with being “nominated” once in a while for things like this — so long as it’s not an “award” (see side bar). I am. Just so long as people are okay with me ignoring them when they do so. Because a lot of the time I just don’t have the energy to do things in a timely manner.

So anyway, I can’t just plop down quotes and call it a day — another reason why I don’t play along with these things as often as other people would like. I have to dust off my Photoshop, find pictures and paste quotes on them. And I had a whole big blog post written in my head — it’s still there, but I’m just too tired to write it all out for y’all. So I’m just write the gist of it.

Hope, dear reader… hope is what gets people up in the morning. It is the spark that moves people. Even in the deepest, darkest depression, if someone is going through the motions, they have hope. Those without hope, they stop moving, stop living because hope is the flame in the dark. It is that spark of life that everyone has. For some it is a beacon that lights the way for other people and for others it is a single ember that struggles against the overwhelming darkness.

But everyone, and I do mean everyone, dear reader, who goes through this life has some kind of hope. Because without it, there’s no point in going further. Even those who protest that they hate life and hate living have hope, hope that it will get better, or hope of a better afterlife. Something keeps them living day to day.

I see a lot of negativity on the internet, and even among the hate and vitriol I know that there is hope for humankind because, dear reader, I also see everyone simply living from day to day. I see them seeking out laughter and music. I see them helping and sharing good things. That, dear reader, is hope. And it is everywhere. I’ve shared this one before, but it’s still true:

And I always see helpers. Everywhere. People sympathizing if nothing else. People sharing what they can when they can. That is my hope. I carry it with me everywhere. This, is my favorite “hopeful” saying, it’s my mantra, and it’s carried me through many a dark time:

One more, about living in the Now, I’m too tired to write a good segue, but I spent a lot of time making these, so y’all will just have to deal with the abruptness of it all. ^_^

And that’s it. Thanks Melanie for nominating me. I really mean it. Hope y’all enjoyed my showing off my mad Photoshop skills. hahahaha! Hey, it gave me something to do today and yesterday. You know? I’m still coughing and wheezing. I’d go back to the doctor, but we are between insurances. Maybe next month.

Snowy Pictures

So, it’s been snowing here lately. It doesn’t snow here a lot, so there’s been a lot of this stuff on my facespace:

That and everything is closed… well, stores and restaurants are open, but they close early. School is closed, and that’s good because the roads are not safe. A lot of people here honestly do not know how to drive in the snow because they are transplants from places that have no snow and because we don’t really have snow a lot here. To give y’all an idea of how much snow we’ve gotten so far, here’s a picture of our front yard:

Willow Prescott's portrait.

So, I’ve been messing around in Photoshop because I take pictures with my phone and the original pictures are huge. But I copied and pasted the above from my Facespace so that should be okay… Still, it looks kind of… drab. Don’t you think? Here’s a Photoshopped version:

Basically all I did was correct the lens warp, bring out the white (because snow), add a blue filter, and (of course) crop it a bit. Still, a bit of fiddling and it looks pretty nice. Anyway, as an aside, I’m still coughing up a lung… I went to the doctor on Friday (before the snow started) and he says I have a sinus infection. He doesn’t know why I’m coughing, but I do have a sinus infection. So I have antibiotics for that. It’s only been a day. Since Doug’s been laid off, I don’t know if I’ll have the insurance to see the specialist the doctor wants me to see. But hey, at least my sinuses will clear up… hopefully. I’ll see another specialist eventually — maybe. I so don’t want jump on that merry-go-round again.

So anyway, back to the snow… here are a few more pictures. If you saw them on my facespace, you’ll notice that I prettied them up a bit. It’s something to do. ūüôā I’m especially proud of the edits to the car picture: I think I made it look less like a picture of a picture — it’s a picture of my security camera feed.

Remember, y’all, there’s more storm forecast for tonight and “the big storm” isn’t forecast until tomorrow. This is more snow than this area has seen in a long time. And we got to be here for it. ^_^

And, I’m out of energy right now. I’m tired. Coughing makes me tired. Hurts my chest too. Blah. Doug and I are going to hunker down and wait out the storm. Catch y’all on the flip side.

Some random pictures

We had some snow the other day — Sunday to be exact. It looks pretty awesome, but it makes driving a bit difficult. Doug missed work on Monday because neither of our cars could make it out of the driveway. Here are a couple of pictures of Mister in the snow:

Yep, he was not having it, but he also wasn’t happy about the dogs being out with him inside. The dogs really didn’t care about the snow one way or the other. They treat it much the same way they treat rain. Something to be endured until it goes away.

Our pump froze yesterday because the bulb in the pump house went out. Everyone and their uncle told us “keep a light on in the pump house to keep it from freezing.” even after I told them the thing froze because light bulb burnt out. It’s weird how many people missed that. What’s weirder is that I took a nice, hot shower like at midnight the night before, so it didn’t take very long for the stupid thing to freeze, because Doug woke me up at 8am to tell me the water wasn’t working. So less than 8 hours. We have a space heater in there right now on low and that’ll do until the snow’s gone then we’ll put a better lamp in there — one that won’t blow through light bulbs like this one seems to.

Anyway, more random pictures: I took this picture in my Skyrim game the other day. It’s of my last character. She’s selling stuff in Windhelm, a city that’s cold and grey. I thought it would look great as an old photograph. Like one of those snapshots that people used to take of others on the streets. So that’s what I tried to make it look like:

Original screenshot:

And the Photoshopped version, made all black and white, and grainy with vignetting (I like vignetting) and just a touch of color added back in so it looks like a faded picture. It’s weird how cropping the picture and changing to monochrome changed the lighting dramatically. I didn’t touch the lighting at all in this picture, but in the monochrome, the emphasis is on her face, where in the original screenshot, her face seems to be in the shadows. She’s wearing a backpack, which is why there’s a dark space between her and the chair. You can kind of see the woodcutter’s ax that’s attached to it.

So there’s my randomness for today. Two completely unrelated topics. Okay, both are pictures, but still completely unrelated. ūüôā Hope you enjoyed.

Sharing my world 2/4/19

Belladona — medicine and poison

What‚Äôs wrong but sounds right? “It’s¬†natural,¬†so¬†it’s¬†good¬†for¬†you” A¬†lot¬†of¬†people¬†believe¬†this¬†because¬†it¬†*sounds*¬†right. But it’s not right. There are many many things in the natural world that will flat out kill a person. I remember a rhyme we used to say as kids (don’t judge, we were kids)
God made dirt
so dirt don’t hurt
put it in your mouth
and make it work.

So, to clarify, we didn’t go around eating dirt as a general rule. This was mostly to justify eating anything that fell on the ground and got a little dusty. You know? I mean, like I said, we were kids… but we believed that if it was “God made” (natural) and not “Man-made” it was perfectly okay for you. And as anyone with a brain knows, eating dirt probably (as a general rule) isn’t good for a person. I’ve mentioned before in this blog (many times), just because something is natural, does not mean it’s good for you. No matter what some people would have you believe. But damn, doesn’t just sound right?


What physical action or gesture do you find romantic? Hugs.¬†Of¬†course,¬†not¬†all¬†hugs¬†are¬†romantic,¬†but¬†I¬†like¬†hugs. And in the right situation, they can be very romantic. But, let me digress dear reader, romantic doesn’t mean sexy. It means that they give me the warm fuzzies and builds a stronger bond between myself and my partner. If Doug gives me a hug and I get all mushy inside, that doesn’t mean I will want to immediately jump his bones. It means he’s done something that makes our connection stronger. I think that many people mix romance and sex up, but the two are not necessarily connected — in my humble opinion. Two people can have sex without ever being romantically involved, and a couple can have a romantic relationship without ever bumping uglies. It’s perfect when we can have both at the same time — ideal even. But romance and sexual relations are not necessarily connected. Just my two cent’s worth.

What‚Äôs something you really resent paying for? Technically I don’t pay for anything, really. Doug does. I’ve been reduced to freeloader because of my disabilities. But he seems to be okay with that. So I guess I’ll have to learn to be okay with it. However, when I did pay for everything, I didn’t resent paying for anything because I know and understand that there’s nothing in this world that doesn’t use up resources or manpower and those resources and manpower need to be compensated somehow. Like, nothing in life is free. That’s just the way life works, you know? It’s amazing how often people want something for nothing but they don’t realize that the discount they want has to be taken from somewhere else. There’s only a finite amount of stuff to go around, and the fat cats at the top ain’t gonna let go of any of their money.

What‚Äôs your favorite romance movie?¬† A movie you may find romantic, even if that‚Äôs not the genre. Howl’s Moving Castle is the movie that came to mind. It’s not necessarily a romance movie and it’s totally not my favorite movie of its genre. If you’ve never heard of it, then it’s an anime from back in the early 2000’s. I thought it was kind of romantic, and I like it.

What were you uplifted by in the past week?¬†So,¬†I’ve¬†been¬†sick¬†this¬†week¬†—¬†a¬†cough¬†again¬†(still).¬†I¬†have¬†an¬†appointment¬†with¬†a¬†doctor¬†on¬†Friday¬†so¬†if¬†I’m¬†still¬†coughing¬†by¬†then¬†I’ll¬†mention¬†it.¬†¬†I’ll¬†probably¬†mention¬†it¬†regardless¬†because¬†this¬†is¬†the¬†second¬†time¬†I’ve¬†coughed¬†like¬†this¬†in¬†the¬†last¬†few¬†months¬†and¬†it’s¬†getting¬†annoying. Not to mention the fact that Doug got laid off on Thursday so we’re looking at the whole “What do we do? Where do we go? thing again. Anyway, whenever I can’t breathe like this, I tend to do a whole lot of nuthin’ but watch videos and play video games. Here’s a screenshot from one of my games, which I totally touched up in Photoshop — just added the fog and tweaked the colors — another thing that helps take my mind off of the really real world. ^_^

Original screenshot

Via Melanie’s Share Your World

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge — Blue and Yellow

So, I normally don’t do Cee’s fun Photo Challenge, but I saw the prompt (blue and yellow) and this screenshot came to mind:

Okay, it’s a bit muted, but play around with the curves and levels and the yellow on the roofs of the houses will really pop against the ice blue of the mountains…

Either way, it’s blue and yellow… It’s not exactly a photo, but I honestly just don’t have the energy to go out and take pictures. But as I said to someone not to long ago, I can walk forever in Skyrim. Enjoy.

Inspired by Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge