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Sharing My World 3/20/19

Is it better to suspect something (bad or hurtful) and not know or to have your worst fears confirmed by sure knowledge? In my humble opinion, I would rather know than wonder. Because instead of coming up with all kinds of things — good and bad — in my mind, I would absolutely know what’s going on. And even if something is the worst of the worst, it would set my mind at ease because I could then get over whatever it is and start to move on from it. Not knowing is way worse than knowing. For example, I have no idea where my dad is, or if he’s even alive. I’d rather know, even if he was dead.

What makes you laugh aloud? Crack up? Laugh until your sides split? When was the last time you had a great big belly laugh? A lot of things make me laugh. Like I have quite a broad sense of humor. The very last thing that made me laugh was this video. Now I don’t watch Game of Thrones and I had no idea who she was making fun of (or “throwing shade” at as they say these days) until I read the comments, then I looked dude up and watched it again and it was even funnier. I like watching this young lady because she has a unique sense of humor and I find it amusing.

Jenny Nicholson

Her name is Jenny Nicholson, she’s got a unique style. I enjoy watching her. She’s not the only person who makes me laugh, but this video was the last thing that gave me a belly laugh.

picture of a woodpecker

Do you suppose Noah had woodpeckers in the ark? If he did, where did he keep them? Apologies to the Darwinians in the crowd…this is merely for fun, okay? Well, I would hope so, because woodpeckers eat insects that eat wood. 🙂 Given my paltry knowledge of natural science, I would think it might be beneficial to have when one has a craft made of wood. Though he would have been smart to keep them to the decks above water because they will bore holes into the wood for nesting. I could totally be wrong though. I’m not a scientist. Anyway, Noah and his ilk were supposedly only on the boat for forty days and forty nights. Like barely more than a month, so even if he were real and had a boat big enough to hold a bunch of animals, including woodpeckers, it’s not like they were out to sea for that long. Supposedly, he planned this thing with the guidance of his god, so he surely had enough water to last, and with all of those animals on board, he wasn’t going to starve. But back to the question, woodpeckers weren’t gonna destroy the boat, but they would eat the insects that were destroying the boat. So… yeah.

Why is “Charlie” short for “Charles when they are the same number of letters? Charlie is easier to say than Charles… it’s not “short” for Charles, it’s just a nickname. It’s considered… friendlier than Charles, more intimate and fun. There is also Chuck as a nickname for Charles – a la Charlie Brown. One “problem” with having a name like Willow is that there’s no real nickname for it. Same with my birth name, there really was no nickname to go with it. Someone would have to come up with an entirely new name for me to have a nickname. It’s also why I write my name on everything — because my name (now and before) is unusual enough to not be written on any personalized item. ^_^

picture of dryer balls.
generic dryer balls, mine probably won’t look this nice

What happened in your world this past week that made you feel thankful, joyful or grateful? So, this might seem trivial to y’all, but yesterday I went out with Doug to the store to run some errands, we did some shopping and afterwards we went to lunch. I didn’t even get exhausted! We went to the thrift store and bought a sweater for me to unravel to make some felted dryer balls (still in the making). We had some drier balls that we bought a few years ago (the kind pictured here), but over the years, they have disappeared. Now we have one left. So instead of paying, like, $20 for six more, I bought a $2 sweater and rolled my own. Now just need to felt them and voilà! cheap, effective, dryer balls. The trip to the store was nice, but shopping with Doug isn’t quite as enjoyable as shopping alone because Doug — like most men — wants to get out of the store as quickly as possible. I was all for shopping leisurely but he was all, “The sweaters are over there…” Ha! Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to browse in a shop, and it was nice to be able to eat out with Doug again. We haven’t done that in a long time. Normally he will go out and get me lunch and bring it home because I just don’t have the energy to go out to a restaurant. But hey we went out and had a nice lunch. I’m tired today, but yesterday, I was good.

Brought to you by Melanie’s Share Your World

Sharing My World Mid May 2019

I totally forgot to link this to Melanie’s site. This is, of course from Melanie’s Share Your World. I have no idea were my brain is this morning. Normally I’d link it at the bottom, but since I forgot, I’ll add it up here.

What social stigma does society need to get over already? All of them, really. But that’s impossible, given human nature. We like to create social norms and mores because we must have a “normal” to judge everything else against. I mean, other animals do it too, they will drive out the sick and infirm as a group in hard times because that sick animal is a danger to the survival of the group. It’s only in times of plenty (like we are now) when we look at the “norms” we’ve built up over the long haul and say, “Hey, you know what? Those don’t count so much anymore, we need to rethink those.” And it’s because we’re in this time of plenty that I think we should reassess where we are and say, “Yeah, let’s rethink these norms.” Everyone will have their own, and I think society as a whole should just take a step back and really look at how we treat our fellow human — like, really look at how everyone is being treated, and ask what we can do better. But that’s just living in a fantasy right there.

What was the last photo you took? On my phone? It was a picture of a bookcase… type… thing that I was trying to sell — since deleted because it has been well, given away. And two of them actually. I don’t like the hassle of actually selling stuff. But I’ll gladly give stuff away to get it out of my house. Here are the pictures. I pulled them from the listing. They’re not that great, but they didn’t have to be since I was just giving them away. The lady who came to get them came in a little sedan and we had a heck of a time getting them into her little car. It took us about 20 minutes of straining and planning because she didn’t have a hatchback and these are solid steel, they aren’t bending. But we wedged them in there. I hope she was able to get them out. So, two more biggish things down, and a few more do go. I was going to keep blogging about my purging adventures, but they’re so sporadic that I was just… nah. I do like these shelves, and they do “spark joy” as the saying goes, but they’re big and bulky and we don’t know if we’ll need them in our next house. They were just gathering dust here in the empty rooms, so we decided to let them go.

When was the last time you snooped and found something or found out something you wish you hadn’t? Damn, that takes me back. Like… way back. To my first marriage. I had to have been over 21 because I’m pretty sure we had four kids at the time, and I had my fourth kid when I was about 21. I totally remember thinking at the time, What am I gonna do? I have four kids! But I’m getting ahead of myself. So my husband had just gotten back from WesPac — a tour of duty where they send him over seas for 8 months over the Western Pacific ocean. And at the time of this little adventure, his ship was out again for a shorter, one month run. I needed something out of his briefcase, which was uncharacteristically locked (it’s usually not), so I messed with the locks until I figured out the combination — it’s not that hard. I got the thing I needed from his briefcase and noticed that there were also a lot of letters in there. I am always of the notion that husbands and wives should have no secrets from each other, so I started to read them. They were from a woman to him, a woman professing her love to him and a woman saying that she would be a proper wife to him and that she would most definitely love to come home with him. Blah blah blah. As you can imagine, it was devastating to find. I was 21, I had no job skills, and I had four kids. I was completely and totally dependent on my husband for everything. If he left me, I would be destitute. I was in tears.

I found another letter in with the others from a shipmate of my (then) husband telling him to get his head out of his ass and stop fucking around with that other woman. The shipmate reminded my (then) husband that he had a wife and four kids that he was responsible for and that the Navy did not take kindly to cheating spouses. He pointed out that this was a common tactic for some women in these countries — find a gullible man who is unhappy in marriage, sweet talk them in to divorcing their wife, and get a one way ticket to the USA. Or a single man, but for some reason it was easier to get unhappily married men to marry “homewreckers”. Who knew? Anyway, I told my (then) husband that I found his letters and that he had broken the “rules” of being away — fallen in love with another woman. I didn’t care if he slept with someone else because — I didn’t. Sex and love are two different things. If he wanted to get his pickle wet, that was his business, but he wasn’t supposed to fall in love or bring home any diseases (he broke that rule too). Our marriage never recovered. I’m glad I snooped though, because it taught me a valuable lesson. I slowly became less dependent on him and when the end came, it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been.

What’s the most comfortable bed or chair you’ve ever slept in? I dunno, I’ve slept in a lot of beds and or chairs. I had a feather bed once. It was pretty comfortable.

Can being grateful change Your World? They say it can. The power of positive thinking and all that. I know that I’ve had a way better outlook on life by thinking positively. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I used to be way more of a Grumpy Gus. Like… way more. I’m certainly not a fluffy white lighter because I know that evil exists in the world. One cannot have light without the dark because you need both to cast shadows. One needs shadows in order to see. If the world was nothing but light or nothing but dark, we’d all be blind. But, and here’s the important part, dear reader — one has to be truly grateful… truly positive in order to make any changes. Like, a person cannot just mouth platitudes and hope it will make a difference. I say all of the time that I am grateful to have a roof over my head and food on the table, that’s because I’m god-damned grateful that I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I’m eternally grateful I have a husband who loves me as much as I love him. And having something to be grateful for does have a positive affect on my life. Yeah, I grump and grouse all of the time about my rebellious body, but honestly, I’m quite content with a lot of things in my life. And I’m working on the things that have got me discontent. I don’t think anyone can be completely happy all of the time or completely… anything… for very long. Having said all that I leave you with this:

Some times, you just have to find an alternative route

Sharing My World 5/7/19

Brought to you by Melanie of Sparks… here are a few questions. She asks them every week, and I try to answer most weeks, depending on my mood, my energy, and/or the questions. Here are this week’s questions:

Yin Yang symbol with hearts

1 — Do you believe in soul mates? If so, do you think there is only one person meant to share that bond with you, out there in the world? I believe that there are people out there who are perfect for each other — a good fit and the relationship feels as thought they were made for each other — so in that way I do believe in soul mates. However, I do not think that there is one person out there who is the only person for some other person. Because the odds of meeting that person in a world of seven billion people are just astronomical, and that’s just… wrong somehow. There are simply too many happily connected people to make the idea of a “soul mate” feasible. What if my “soul mate” was born in Russia? or Africa? or Cuba? How would we ever meet? Sure the world is smaller these days, but still the idea of one person for one person is just weird. I’ve met at least two people in my lifetime who were my perfect match (one was from Africa BTW, and I’m married to the other). Do I think either of them were/are my soulmate? Nah, but they were/are a perfect match despite being different in many ways.

2 — Ice cream cone, shake or other ice cream concoction? I’m guessing that this question is asking for a preference. Now, I do like ice cream cones. They’re quite handy when one is walking around a park and eating ice cream. And I also like shakes on a nice warm day, but I think shakes are way too sweet and heavy for my tastes, so I don’t get them often. Especially those that aren’t actually made from ice cream (I’m looking at you McDonald’s). But I suppose if I had my druthers, I would go for an It’s-It. Which I will miss whenever we move. Because one can only get It’s-It ice cream sandwiches on the West Coast, parts of Texas, and weirdly, some bits of the East Coast — it’s a very limited distribution area. But not in New Mexico. *sigh* Anyway, an It’s-It is an ice cream sandwich made up of two oatmeal cookies, vanilla ice cream, and covered in dark chocolate. It’s very good. I also like their mint ice cream sandwich.

Picture of author in hat at outdoor craft show

3 — What would be the hat to end all hats? What could you wear on your head that would make people stop what they are doing and stare in awe and amazement? I don’t, as a general rule, wear hats other than baseball caps in the summer or knitted hats in the winter. But I do have a picture of me in one that I quite liked a few years back. Let me see if I can find it. So for me, hats are not a statement of fashion — I don’t do fashion in any sense of the word — but utilitarian things one wears to keep the hair and sun out of my eyes and or to keep my head and ears warm. So if I’m wearing a hat, it’s not to make people stop and stare, it’s because the sun is bright and/or the air is cold. I would like to not look silly in said hat, so I will take the time to pick out a hat that looks okay, preferably good, but honestly, I don’t really care what other people think of my hats.

4 — What would be the worst “buy one get one free” sale of all time? I dunno, I don’t really pay attention to such things. I suppose if everything was free, that would kind of suck.

Bonus Question. Please share a moment of gratitude that you experienced during the past week.

So I don’t have a moment of gratitude other than the general I’m grateful for a roof over my head, blah blah blah, but I did get this in my email the other day. I’m subscribed to the Oxford Dictionary “word of the day” and it’s the English word of the day, so this is and English word, but I have no idea how to say it or where it came from, but if the Oxford English Dictionary says it’s a word, well, I guess it’s a word. I found it to be highly amusing. Then again, I’m weird that way. 🙂

word of the day brobdingnagian meaning huge; gigantic


Sharing My World on a Tuesday

It is Tuesday, right? (checks calendar) Yep… okay then, here we go with this week’s questions from Melanie over at Sparks… Check out her site, she’s an interesting and witty person to know. Onto the questions.

What was the last thing you read, digital or print? So, print it was a book about opening a resale store called Too Good to be Threw (Amazon link, and no I didn’t pay that much for it, are you crazy? O_o) I’ve read it before when I last started along this path and am now reading it again along with a few other books about opening a store — resale or otherwise. I’m almost done with one called Why We Buy (amazon link), which is pretty insightful. Digital-wise I read an article about store layout and customer flow which directly quoted the above book (Why We Buy), concerning two things, that we here in the States tend to turn right when we enter a store and tend to go through stores in a clockwise fashion and that there’s a phenomenon called the “butt-brush” effect that the author — Paco Underhill — discovered. Basically it says that shoppers — both men and women, but mostly women — will give up on an item if they are jostled from behind. There’s a lot more, but that’s an interesting thing you’da though retailers would be aware of but they weren’t. The simple solution to the butt-brush effect is to keep your aisles as open as possible. Why We Buy is an interesting book and I’ll probably write a blog about it later when I’m finished. Too Good to be Threw is the one I read last though — print-wise. 🙂

Pen with paper that reads extrovert and introvert with check boxes
can’t I be both?

Are you more an extrovert or introvert? I call myself an extroverted introvert. By this I mean that I enjoy my own company and I have no problems being alone for extended periods of time. Like all day long for most days, you know. Extroverts get their energy from socializing with other people, but I don’t really *need* friends or a social circle to fill my energy bar. Though I will admit that it’s very nice to have friends, and I miss having people to talk to on a daily basis. I guess that need will be filled when I open my store? Maybe? I dunno. Also, it’s nice to have a social circle to fall back on when needed. I mean, I’m there for my friends when they need me, and it would be nice if they could be there for me should the situations be reversed (hasn’t always happened, but hey, that’s life — I don’t do things in hope of reciprocation, I do things because it’s in my nature to help when I can). Anyway, even though I’m okay with my own company, I’m also okay in a crowd and can socialize with the best of them. I’m actually outspoken, forthcoming, and gregarious when I’m in a crowd of people. I tend to joke and laugh a lot and people find me companionable. I’m not socially awkward and I don’t really need to decompress whenever I am thrust into society. It’s nice to get away from the crowd, but I don’t need to do so — usually. That being said, too much of my own company and/or too much socialization makes Willow an unhappy camper. There’s got to be a balance there somewhere. And that being said, if I had to chose between being in a large group of people (like a party or a concert), or socializing with few friends (dinner or a small party) and/or staying home by myself. My choice in order would be: staying home, hanging out with one or two people, and then going out with a large group of people. That’s why I say I’m an extroverted introvert. Because I prefer my own company, but get me into a crowd, and I’m pretty outgoing.

How is your life different from what you imagined as a younger person? So, when I was younger (much younger) I was a huge fan of shows that had travelers in them, like the original Kung Fu with David Carradine and the original Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby. I also read a book called Go Ask Alice at an age when I was probably entirely too young to read it — the book came out when I was five, so I could have read it any time from age ten on… but definately before I was 15. I’m pretty sure of that. And all of the characters in these stories were tragic and romantic, running from terrible pasts and living on the edge of society but doing their best to fit in with the world around them. They mostly just wanted to be left alone. That’s how I felt, really. My childhood sucked rocks and wanted nothing more than to run away from it, but I was a practical child and knew that I had no marketable skills and no money to live on, but dammit, I really though that being a traveler would be a good way to live. And you know what, dear reader? I basically became what I wanted. I always had the fear of being homeless that kept me working enough to keep a roof over my head, but I moved… a lot. I’ve criss-crossed this great country of ours (counts) five times and I’ve lived in (counts) 11 states, and (counts)… I think about 18 cities and I want to say… 28? addresses? I’ve lost count… ^_^ I have it written down somewhere. And that’s just counting the states and addresses since I divorced my first husband back in 1994. Being married to Doug has slowed down this traveling thing quite a bit. I mean we’ve only moved three times in the last six years. And we’ve lived in this house for almost four years, or is it over four years? This time thing is hard when my mind doesn’t want to brain. Like, I’ve never lived in one place for four years in my life! That’s gotta be a record, y’all. So to answer the question directly, my life is pretty much how I expected it to be when I was a younger person. Though I envisioned by now I’d have more chickens. ^_^ I dunno why.

Image result for grim reaper i'm just here for the cake

Do you think about dying?   Does death scare you?  Why or why not? I do think about dying. I have a strange mind. I know this because I’ve had conversations with other people and they’ve told me that their minds do not go to these places. Anyway, whenever I go to sleep at night, I know for certain that it could be the last time I shut my eyes. I don’t think it will be the last time I will shut my eyes, but I know that the possibility is there. Two of my dogs sleep in the bed with me and I’m fully aware of the fact that I might wake up to a dead dog in the bed with me in the morning. I am also aware that any of my pets might die at any moment because death just happens at any moment. It doesn’t have a set schedule. I’m also aware when I wake up in the morning that I might wake up to a dead husband, and whenever Doug leaves in the morning I tell him I love him and I bid him to drive safely because I want the last words he hears from me to be good ones. I dread the police coming every afternoon to tell me he’s died in an accident. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wait by the door for the police to come and tell me he’s been in an accident. I just know the possibility is there. That’s why if Doug is going to be late by any significant time, I want him to call me so I know he’s alive.

This might sound like I’m constantly worried about those around me dropping dead at any moment, but that’s not true. Just because I’m aware that something will happen doesn’t mean that I’m worried it will happen or that I’m vigilant about it. I don’t become alert and afraid if, say the cat hasn’t moved in an hour because cats tend to sleep for long periods of time. I might glance to see if he’s still breathing though, just like I used to put my hand on my newborn kids’ stomachs back in the day because they lay so still when they were sleeping. Sudden infant death syndrome is a thing I was aware of and it didn’t hurt anything to put a gentle hand on their tummy to make sure they were alive. You know? Do I fear death? No. It’s simply a part of life. I’ll mourn the loss of anyone around me when they’re gone, but that’s because I selfishly don’t want to lose them. That’s just being human. I’ve stared death in the face a couple of times and my thoughts were roughly, “But I still have stuff to do…” which of, course doesn’t matter. No one dies with a clean slate.

Interestingly enough, when I played the SIMS for the first time last week, my first SIM character was taken by death very suddenly and without warning, and it was actually kind of — slightly — traumatic for me. Like the first time one of my companions died in Skyrim. I wasn’t prepared for it, and I wasn’t finished with the character, but as I mentioned above, no one dies with a clean slate. You can’t get your affairs in order because there will always be something else to do. I can cheat death in a video game by putting on god mode, but in life it will come for us all, or as Caitlyn Doughty say, “Remember deathlings, you will die.”


I found this interesting challenge and did it myself.  I’m offering these questions as a gratitude challenge for those who care to do it.    You can answer in text or photo. 

(courtesy of https://ididnthavemyglasseson.com/2019/04/20/find-something/)

Additional Gratitude Bonus Question:  Who has been the kindest to you in your life?

So that answer to both of these gratitude questions is the same… Doug. There are a lot of things in this world that make me happy, but he makes me the most happy, or is that happiest? Eh, six of one, half dozen of the other. He makes me smile. I love to smell him — ironically I liked his smell better when he smoked, but he quit so yay for him, but he smelled better with tobacco. I enjoy looking at him, especially when he smiles. I don’t have a favorite color, but whatever. Everything, including human beings are “in nature” so that makes him my favorite thing “in nature” because he is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. And he’s very useful to me for a variety of reasons. Not only that, but he’s been the kindest person in my life. All 50-some-odd years of it.

It’s why I love him. So yeah… Doug fills all of those boxes (except color because whatever). So yeah, Doug…

catana comic You make it easy to be happy
He really does. Image by Catana Comics

Brought to you by Melanie’s Share Your World

Sharing my World April Fool’s Edition 2019

So I’m a bit late answering these as it is no longer April Fool’s day (April 1 for those outside the US and other countries that celebrate), but since I was dead tired and otherwise occupied on April 1, I put it off until now. Ah well. The questions haven’t changed, such is the nature of questions. So without further ado, here are this week’s Share Your World questions:

Today is April Fool’s Day. So ‘Share Your World” is playing the fool and asking a lot more questions than usual. Also these questions are silly and irrelevant, and you can totally lie if you want to. For the more serious folk in the crowd, the regular Share Your World will return next week!

Rhetorical Questions, but feel free to answer if you’d like:

Why is it called “beauty sleep” when one wakes up looking like a troll? I’m honestly too tired to come up with clever answers… Beauty sleep actually refers to a specific kind of sleep — in this case to sleep before midnight (midnight has always had deep, spiritual meaning in the Western world) in the thought that the more sleep one got, the better rested they would be and therefore the more beautiful. So, one could beg off of getting out of social engagements to get their “beauty sleep”. It can also refer to any quick (less than thirty minute) nap during the day, but that’s less common. And I, for one, do not wake up looking like a troll, thank you very much. 😛 Even though I do often go to bed well past midnight most night. Ha!

beauty sleep

Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections? So, if I’m remembering right from something I read or watched some time in the past… they don’t really. Needles are sterilized in the factory and shipped out that way and (as far as I know and/or remember) there aren’t specific needles made for lethal injections. They just grab any ol’ needle like they do for any ol’ injection. Plus, consider all of the people who have to handle that needle before, during, and after that injection. It’s not just the prisoner who’s in that room. They do, however sterilize the site of the injection with alcohol — to prevent infection — that would be the better question.

Why do most cars have speedometers that go up to at least 130 when you legally can’t go that fast on any road? I don’t know. I think it’s based on the fact that the prototype engine for every car is originally build for racing, and it’s just easier to build one engine (to race) and keep building the same one for every car. I could totally be wrong about that though. And the speedometer has to match the speed of the car. I mean, that’s just common sense. If the car can do 130 mph, the driver has to know they’re going 130 mph. You know?

Did they purposely make dyslexia hard to spell? They did, because it’s not people with dyslexia who need to know it and understand it, but the people who study the disorder. Meaning, the doctors who discovered and named it. It basically means “bad words” I know this because I have its sibling dyscalculia which means roughly “counting badly”. So yeah, they didn’t really purposely make it hard to spell for people with dyslexia just to fuck with those people. Scientists just love their Greek and Latin.

Image result for dyslexia meaning etymology

(Rather naughty): If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests? Damned hard.

Odd but a bit philosophical or personal:

What are some things that are okay to do occasionally but definitely not okay to do every day? No comment.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn? My wedding dress. It was pretty awful. I spent a year getting my wedding into shape, and the place looked great, but I put off making my dress until the last minute and it was a disaster. I looked stupid. I smiled though because what else could I do? Honestly, if I could go back and change one thing, it would be to just wear a skirt and blouse and be done with it, but I was determined to make that dress work, and it totally didn’t. And no, I’m not gonna post a picture of it. It was really that awful.

Image result for cheese

In your opinion, what’s the best type of cheese? Sharp Cheddar. I know, I know, how very basic. But sometimes, basic is the best. I like sharp cheddar cheese better than most other kinds of cheese. I do mix my cheeses up most of the time — I like some good ol’ American cheese, and I can go for some Swiss Cheese, and I love me some goat cheese, but if push comes to shove, I’ll reach for the Sharp Cheddar most of the time. Who knew? I have a favorite cheese. Will wonders never cease? I guess I’m wrong about never having a favorite of anything. Though I suppose if you’d asked me the same question a year or so ago, I might have said American cheese or something like that, so my tastes do change, and quite often. Which is why I usually claim to not have a favorite, especially with ephemeral things like movies and books. I suppose cheese is a staple so I can have a favorite. Then again, looking at the question… cheddar isn’t really a type of cheese, it’s a flavor of cheese… there are three types of cheese — if I remember correctly, hard cheese (like Cheddar and Swiss), soft cheese (like goat cheese and Brie) and blue cheese (like Roquefort). I don’t really know where cottage cheese (which I also like) falls in to those categories, if at all. As for types of cheese — I like hard cheese. I can dig some blue cheese, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll nom on some hard cheese all day. Not a fan of soft cheese, gotta tell ya.

What are some fun ways to answer everyday questions like “how’s it going” or “what do you do”? Hmmm. For “How’s it going?” I generally like to say, “It goes…” and trail off. If someone asks me “What’s up?” I’ll say, “A whole lot of nuthin’ and too much of everything else.” if someone asks me “What do you do?” I will tend to tell them, “I don’t do much of anything. What do you do?” I guess they’re not fun per se, but whatever. 🙂 Edited to add… I forgot one. I also say, “Been better, been worse.” When someone asks me “How’s it going?” And it’s like people don’t understand what that means. I suppose I could unshorten it to “I‘ve been better, and I’ve been worse so I guess I’m doing okay.” but I like “Been better, been worse.” It’s more succinct.


Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person? Details please. I probably have, but I don’t remember the details.

Image result for pearls before swine reply to all
Pearls before Swine

If you could make a rule for a day, and everyone had to follow it, what would it be? Be kind, and not “cruel to be kind…” but “do unto others” kind.

You are about to get in a fight, what song comes on your mind soundtrack? I don’t really fight… but I suppose the battle music from Skyrim might come to mind since I’ve played it so much these last few years.

Share a joke, if you know a good one! This guy made a funny on his YouTube channel on April 1. It was cute and not very long. Y’all should watch it.

Well, I thought it was funny. 😛


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Sharing My World (now with title)


What is the best pick me up that you know of? To shake you out of the blues? I have bipolar disorder. Which means I get depressed a lot. Well, I used to. I’m feeling much better now. When I used to get depressed it was usually chemical, so I would either wait for me to cycle out of it, or I sought professional help and got chemical assistance (anti-depressants). If I had the mean reds it was also generally a chemical imbalance, so the same thing applied. Since I have pretty good meds for my bipolar, I don’t get depressed or manic anymore — aside from a few breakthrough episodes. Having said that, I do sometimes end up bored or mildly sad… blue even. It’s so… frustrating getting blue when one has bipolar because one has to wonder, “Am I just blue, or is this the beginning of a spiral downwards?” But I digress. For the blues, I’ve found that getting a new hobby, or resurrecting an old one, helps for a little bit. Like crochet, knitting, sewing, even video games. I’ve hobby hopped a lot over the years, and picked up a lot of hobbies. But it helps takes my mind off of things.

What would be the title of your memoir?

Where do you like to go when you eat out? Variety is the spice of life. I tend to not like going to the same place over and over. Which is in direct contradiction to Doug’s preferences because he likes routine and will happily eat at the same places times after time without too much thought put into it.

Do you believe in luck? If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. Hahahahaha! Just kidding. I kinda sorta believe in luck. I wrote more about it here. I guess as in all things, I’m Agnostic about these kinds of things. So the way I think about it. is this. Sometimes things work in my favor, but I don’t think that the world has shifted things to work in my favor. Because there are way too many people in this world for everything to shift itself into my favor. I totally believe in the chaos (or butterfly) effect. I can’t shift one thing without affecting everything else in the world. As unimportant as I am in the grand scheme of things, the things that I do can have consequences (good and bad) throughout the universe. So yeah, I don’t think that the universe aligns itself for or against me so that I can have a “lucky” or “unlucky” time of it. However, I do believe that sometimes things work out well or ill for me, and it’s happenstance. Nothing more. That’s luck. In my humble opinion.

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Aside from necessities, what is one thing you couldn’t go a day without? My computer, or more specifically, the internet. Okay, I might could go a day without it. I’ve actually gone a day or two without the internet recently when our power was out. Okay, that’s a lie, I snuck online using my phone for at least a few moments a day. I even went outside and used my car to charge my phone (and get warm), but mostly so I could go online. There I was, sitting in the my car for heat and internet for almost an hour, I think I can probably go without if I have to, even live without it actually. The things is… I don’t want to. Not anymore. I used to feel guilty for how much time I spent online, but I don’t anymore. I mean, it’s not like I’m shirking work to be online or anything. I suppose there are time when I should be doing other things, but for the most part, there’s usually nothing else to do. Anyway, most of my friends and family live far away from me and I live far away from the bigger cities. I do much of my shopping online and I keep in touch with my friends and family online. I don’t watch television, so I watch videos on YouTube and surf the ‘Net for entertainment. I’m fairly sure I could go back to reading paper books, and different hobbies, but for now, I’m all about teh interwebz.


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I feel no guilt over coffee

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Indeed I do. I lurv me some Diet Coke, and I don’t care, dear reader, if it’s bad for me. So don’t tell me how bad it is for me, my teeth or anything else. I will drink it just the same. It is one of the few “vices” I have. Another guilty pleasure of mine is that I’ll spend hours and hours fiddling with Photoshop on pictures that I have no connection to — just because I can. I’m not selling the pictures, nor do I have a commission to change the pictures. Most of the time, I don’t even show the pictures to anyone else. Hell, I usually delete them after changing them. I just spend my time fiddling with them to learn Photoshop. Learning things like Photoshop, that is my guilty pleasure. It is a guilty pleasure because I’m learning for the sake of learning, and alas and alack in this society, that is no longer a good thing. One must learn something to further their career or station in life. Learning for the sake of learning is simply not done. It’s a luxury that’s kind of frowned upon by many. I mean I’ve been asked why learn something like Photoshop if I’m not going to do anything with it? And the answer is always because I like learning. Keep in mind, dear reader, that Photoshop is merely the last in a long line of things that I’ve picked up over the years. I just like learning stuff, just to see how much of that thing I can learn.

What is the worst pick up line you ever heard? I used to be quite the bar fly, so I’ve heard a lot of pick-up lines, and used quite a few myself, so this part of the question: For the guys: What’s the worst pick up line you’ve used? would apply to me too I guess. I mean, women have sex too, and I enjoyed it. It’s implied, I suppose, that all a woman has to so is smile at their target, and that guy is hers. Not so. Men can be picky too, especially if they are at a bar with friends they’re trying to impress. And, believe it or not, many men have a “type” too, and I’m often not a particular guy’s type. I mean, I’m not what one would call traditionally attractive, and I’m a big woman. I’m still awesome and had no trouble finding partners, but I totally didn’t just have to smile at a guy and he was mine. I used my share of pick up lines. ^_^ So there you go. As for the “worst” of either… I honestly don’t remember, but it the question did bring this song to mind. I used to be a huge country music fan. ^_^

What slang or trend makes you feel old? I can’t think of any slang that makes me feel old, per se. But but there’s some that I either have to guess by context or look up the meaning up of sometimes. Like calling someone “fam” — which is (I’m guessing) like calling someone “bro” but gender neutral? I guess? I dunno. But when it started popping up, I was all, “Fam? What’s that?” It was all: “I got you, fam.” It didn’t make me feel old, but I’m usually hip to the new slang, and that one caught me off guard. As for trends… trends come and go. They will always come and go. Everyone thinks that this trend or that trend is here to stay, but nope, things will always change. It is the nature of the beast. Our species — humankind — is adaptive and mercurial. Besides, as I was talking about with a friend of mine the other day, I’m not even considered old these days… I’m just over middle age. When I was a kid, people my age were one foot in the grave, but me? I’ve got a good chunk of my life to look forward to to. Statistically speaking that is.

What do you consider the most over-rated song? Nothing comes to mind. No song is “over-rated” if someone genuinely loves it. I mean I don’t have to like a popular song, but I wouldn’t consider any song I dislike “over-rated” simply because I dislike it. I mean there are a lot of popular songs out there that I’m not fond of. And a lot of songs I like that never made the top 100. So… eh.

Instead of a Tender Mercies question, here’s a philosophical one instead: You find a book and begin to read only to discover that it is your life. You get to the point that you are at now. Do you turn the page, knowing that you will not be able to change the events to come? No. One, as soon as I figure out that this book is the magical book about my life, I would have put the book down and burnt it. I would have never gotten to the point where I am “at now.” I don’t want to know the future and I tend to want to just keep the past in the past. I don’t need to read about it.

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